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Progressive International Collapsible Cake Carrier, reviewed

Posted By Nicole On March 5, 2013 @ 3:26 pm In Gear and Gadgets,Product Reviews | 8 Comments

Progressive Int'l Collapsible Cake Carrier, expanded

Cake carriers are a must-have tool for bakers who want to be able to easily transport their goodies from one place to another. You can fill them up with anything, from brownies to cupcakes, but the real advantage they offer is in their height, since it allows you to transport a fully-frosted layer cake safely in a way that no other container can match. Cake carries are large and bulky, since they have to hold large things, but one model – the Progressive International Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier – comes with an interesting twist that makes it take up much less space. As you can guess from the name, it collapses to half its original height, which is a real space saver when it comes time to store it.

I’ve been eyeing one of these carries ever since Cook’s Country named it their top choice in their review of cake carriers, since the idea of a cake carrier that would be easier to store really appealed to me (as it would to anyone who doesn’t have abundant storage space in his/her kitchen!). It is over 10-inches tall, so it will hold just about any cake, and collapses down to just 5-inches high thanks to the silicone panel on the lid. It also comes with racks to hold up to 24 cupcakes securely inside.

Progressive Int'l Collapsible Cake Carrier, down

The carrier works very well for transporting goodies. It is very, very roomy and the snaps on the lid are quite secure. The handle on top also seemed very sturdy on mine, although I felt more comfortable holding the carrier from the base simply because of the size of the thing. It takes a little bit of muscle to get it to collapse, so you don’t need to worry about the lid collapsing onto your baked goods in an unwanted moment. In fact, the carrier is roomy enough that much of the time you don’t even need to expand it and it will still hold a low cake or some cupcakes/muffins.

For me, the downside is that the carrier – unlike all of my other cake and cupcake carriers – is not airtight. There are holes on the top of the lid near the handle. This design allows air out when you collapse the lid after it has been locked in place. It doesn’t affect the carrying ability of the carrier in any way, but I often store my cakes and cupcakes in carriers at home precisely because they are airtight and keep the cakes very fresh – and I can’t do that with this particular carrier. I still like it and it is much easier to fit into my storage space than any other carrier I have, but if you use yours for everyday cake storage in addition to transportation, you might want to consider a model that is airtight and a little bulkier. In that case, I highly recommend the Wilton Cake Caddy as a solid airtight cake carrying option.

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