Belkin Cabinet Tablet Mount giveaway! (closed)

Belkin Cabinet Tablet Mount
If you’ve brought your tablet into the kitchen, chances are good that you’ve gotten a smudge of batter, a bit of dough or a dusting of flour on it. I recently picked up a nifty Belkin Cabinet Tablet Mount and found that keeping my iPad up off the counter keeps it much cleaner – and it is much easier to read when it is up at eye level. Since I know that I’m not the only who likes to keep my tablet handy in the kitchen, I decided to give away a Belkin Cabinet Tablet Mount! The easy-to-use mount adjusts to fit just about any kitchen cabinet set up and it folds flat for easy storage.  I use mine with an iPad, but the mount will fit a variety of different tablet sizes and styles. It will even work with a case in place (unless your case is extra thick), which means that you don’t need to do anything special to use this in your kitchen.

To enter the contest, just leave a comment below telling me what you use your tablet for – or what you would like to use it for – in the kitchen. I use mine to make it easy to reference recipes from my favorite food blogs and flip through digital cookbooks, but you could use it to watch tv shows or even cat videos on YouTube while you’re doing some baking. The possibilities are endless! The contest ends Friday night at midnight (a.k.a. 12:01am on 03/02/2013)  and one winner will be randomly selected from the entries. Don’t forget to fill in your e-mail on the comment form (it will not be made public), as that is how I will contact the winner, and good luck!

Update: This contest is now closed. The winner will be announced shortly. Thanks to everyone for participating!


  1. I would use it for recipes and being completely sure that my tablet won’t be knocked off the counter.

  2. I will use it to read recipes, use the converter, share what I cooked/baked.

  3. I would use this reader to viw and store recipes. I use my other reader to read and store books.

  4. This would be great for referring to recipes while I cook, with less chance of spilling on my tablet. No OOPS!

  5. I use my tablet to look at recipes while I cook or bake. I ALWAYS get flour and other ingredients on it, so this would be awesome to win!

  6. I’m just starting to use mine to follow recipes as I cook – instead of printing them out everytime. I have this on my amazon wishlist!

  7. My iPad has become an integral part of my cooking process. Not only do I use it as my main source for accessing recipes, but the iPad is how I watch the rare bit of television I have time for while doing kitchen chores. The tablet mount would place my iPad at a better height for use, keep off spills and protect it from my cooking enthusiasm.

  8. I use my iPad to follow recipes!

  9. I like to use my Nexus 10 in the kitchen all the time for recipes and music. I prop it up on my island away from my main prep space so as not to spill stuff on it. With the tablet mount I can have it closer and would be a lot more efficient.

  10. I would use it for recipes, so my husband stops complaining that I might damage ‘his’ iPad.

  11. The tablet is used for EVERYTHING, but this would be beyond wonderful to have and look at those wonderful Baking Bites recipes while I’m making ‘em!!!

  12. I love Using the ipad for recipes and for how-to videos plus music to cook by!

  13. I cook with my tablet right alongside me in the kitchen. I bring up recipes on it and use it as if it were a cookbook!

  14. I use it for recipes and have a tabletop holder, but this would be so much more convenient and also keep it cleaner. :)

  15. I would definitely use it for recipes!

  16. I like to cook new things from Pinterest, so I am often borrowing my fiance’s iPad to look up recipes in the kitchen and he is super nervous that I’m going to spill something on it!

  17. I would definitely use it to look at the recipe I’m am making. I would also use it to play music while cooking/baking. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  18. I would use the tablet DAILY, I often have it going while washing dishes and cooking I can catch up on Scandal, Revenge and Grey’s anatomy. LOVE this!

  19. I use it for recipes and to play music while I’m cooking/baking. It’s also nice if you have to google something on the fly like “I’m out of buttermilk, now what?”

  20. My table is still in the box! But when I get around to learning how to use it, I will take it into the kitchen with me to cook.

  21. I could use it to tweet and other social media while prepping my dish

  22. I use it to follow recipes on Pinterest and other sites….

  23. I honestly hadn’t even thought about using the ipad in the kitchen until you talked about it! I’m forever printing recipes off the internet and then discarding them. Drives me nuts. I’ve started to just pull the recipe up thanks to you. Duh!

  24. I keep all my recipes on google drive do this would be perfect!

  25. I use a tablet in my kitchen to save paper from printing recipes.

  26. wonderful way to save paper and read your favorite blogs

  27. Lately I’ve been getting into crockpot recipes; which I look up on my tablet. I would love to have a mount for my Tablet for my kitchen.

  28. I would use it to follow recipes so that it is out of the way of splatters and spills

  29. I would use this to follow recipes. I scanned all of my mom’s recipes so it would be great to have them available when I cook.

  30. I enjoy using my iPad in the kitchen to reference the ever-growing pile of to-try recipes. Makes it easy when I suddenly get the desire to try something new but don’t have a printed copy of a recipe. Much more convenient that a laptop!

    ‘m thinking of purchasing the app Paprika – have you heard of it? It has great reviews and sounds like a fantastic way to organize your recipes on your iPad/tablet. Supposedly it over-rides the sleep function on the iPad do you don’t have to worry about touching the screen with dirty fingers every now and then to keep it from shutting off.

  31. Recipes and timers ftw!

  32. In the kitchen, I use the iPad to try new recipes for my girls!

  33. I would use it to follow recipes in my databases

  34. I have a new Kindle Fire HD that I’m using for magazines and also for looking up recipes online. Or, sometimes, just to read a book or watch a show in between stirring pots and emptying the dishwasher. I’d love to keep it up and off the counter and out of the way (and of the mess)!

  35. I’d use it to find great recipes & keep them handy in the kitchen!

  36. I would love to stop getting batter all over my ipad!

  37. I don’t actually own an iPad myself, but it would make my mom’s life so much easier when she’s babysitting my niece and nephew and trying to get both of them fed at the same time. (It’s apparently a great way to keep them distracted.)

  38. I use mine to access my recipes in ziplist!

  39. Oh my goodness! I didn’t even know this existed! I’d love to have this in the kitchen for recipes and equivalents.

  40. I use my iPad to read, socialize, and check out new recipes from my favorite baking blog!

  41. I would use this to display recipes while I’m cooking and also use it as a radio in the kitchen.

  42. I would use mine in our brand new kitchen for recipes, Facebook, and movies

  43. Ii would use this to refer to recipes as I cook.

  44. Totally want this!!

  45. I’d use it to access internet recipes and to read books.

  46. I would use it for looking up recipes while I am cooking!

  47. I use my tablet for recipes (via Evernote, Pinterest, etc.). Would love this tool to help protect it!

  48. I use my ipad for everything, especially when baking my saved recipes from blogs.

  49. I use my iPad in the kitchen all the time and I am always worried that I am going to spill something on it. I use it to follow recipes that I have bookmarked and I really enjoy using the Epicurious app. This tablet mount is so cool and would take my worries away.

  50. I’d definitely use it for recipes – no leaning over to see what the next step is!

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