Belkin Cabinet Tablet Mount giveaway! (closed)

Belkin Cabinet Tablet Mount
If you’ve brought your tablet into the kitchen, chances are good that you’ve gotten a smudge of batter, a bit of dough or a dusting of flour on it. I recently picked up a nifty Belkin Cabinet Tablet Mount and found that keeping my iPad up off the counter keeps it much cleaner – and it is much easier to read when it is up at eye level. Since I know that I’m not the only who likes to keep my tablet handy in the kitchen, I decided to give away a Belkin Cabinet Tablet Mount! The easy-to-use mount adjusts to fit just about any kitchen cabinet set up and it folds flat for easy storage.  I use mine with an iPad, but the mount will fit a variety of different tablet sizes and styles. It will even work with a case in place (unless your case is extra thick), which means that you don’t need to do anything special to use this in your kitchen.

To enter the contest, just leave a comment below telling me what you use your tablet for – or what you would like to use it for – in the kitchen. I use mine to make it easy to reference recipes from my favorite food blogs and flip through digital cookbooks, but you could use it to watch tv shows or even cat videos on YouTube while you’re doing some baking. The possibilities are endless! The contest ends Friday night at midnight (a.k.a. 12:01am on 03/02/2013)  and one winner will be randomly selected from the entries. Don’t forget to fill in your e-mail on the comment form (it will not be made public), as that is how I will contact the winner, and good luck!

Update: This contest is now closed. The winner will be announced shortly. Thanks to everyone for participating!


  1. I use it to pull up all my recipes-and worry about getting it completely dirty! This would be great!

  2. In the kitchen, I use my tablet for a quick reference to recipes. Love being able to save paper and not print everything out.

    I’d also love to not worry about spilling flour on it or knocking it off the counter. :)

  3. Use it for recipes while cooking/baking.

  4. I use my tablet for recipes while baking all the time!

  5. Oh, I use mine for recipes while cooking or baking all the time! Usually have it open to Pinterest. :)

  6. Keeping out of the little ones way when looking up how too’s :)

  7. I’d use it to watch the Food Network while making dinner for family and friends, and then watch the Walking Dead while the fam is washing the dishes and I am resting on my laurels after a successful meal :D

  8. I’d definitely use this for looking up recipes while cooking. right now I use my ipad but have to put it in an inconvenient spot so it doesn’t get dirty. I would love this!

  9. I use my Ipad for recipes and listening to music while in the kitchen. Would love to have it out of the way but still accessible!

  10. Im not much of a t.v. person anymore, but I do like to get Rachael Ray’s recipes online. This would be perfect for me in my kitchen. I also listen to music from my tablet while Im cooking.
    So generous of you, thank you. =)

  11. I use it to save and categories my recipes, I also use to create shopping lists and link it to my phone. Perfect in the kitchen, but gets splattered a lot.

  12. Can’t even tell you how much easier this would make my life…I have very little counter space, so when I do have a cookbook out it often takes up all the room. This would be so handy.

  13. I use mine to track what I’ve run out of in the kitchen, while following recipes on the iPad, if I run out of something I put it straight onto my shopping list in my notes and take it shopping with me to ensure I’m never forgetting anything I need in my weekly shop :)

  14. I keep cooking with my Ipad sitting on my counter… It’s so handy for recipes but it keeps getting covered with flour and sugar! A stand would be a lifesaver!

  15. I would love to use it to access my Crockpot recipe app I just downloaded, while cooking. I could also use it to watch TV while in the kitchen – it would be awesome!

  16. I keep thinking about getting one of these since my ipad is pretty much my favorite kitchen tool at this point.

  17. I would use it to keep my iPad with my Paprika recipe app handy while baking.

  18. I use my tablet with the fantastic ChefTap app, I can download internet recipes, enter my own recipe, and easily found.

  19. I would use it to reference recipes in the kitchen, but also to work on the great YouTube fitness videos and meditation guides. It is best to be hands-free for all these things (and would help with my new year’s resolution.) It would be handy when I click through your posts and try to incorporate all of your tried and true methods of baking. You have yet to fail me!

  20. What don’t I use my ipad for?! I think it would be easier to list what I don’t use it for… bowl, spatula, baking sheet…

  21. I’d love to use it to not have to spread a cookbook or my netbook out on the counter anymore! Along with taking notes and tweeting :)

  22. I use mine to accompany me during late night cookie and cake decorating sessions! Also to access my favorite cooking blogs, of course.

  23. I’d use this pretty much every day since I’m always in the kitchen baking up something. Most of my favorite recipes are online.

  24. I definitely use my husband’s ipad to cook with. It’s usually either pulling up Pinterest recipes or recipes that I’ve save onto my KeepRecipes app.

  25. Hi! My husband and I both use our tablets (His is a Samsung, mine’s an iPad) in the kitchen for cooking, looking up recipes and finding substitutions when necessary. We store all of our recipes in Evernote, so it’s vital that we have our tablets in the kitchen with us while we’re cooking.

  26. I use my ipad to access my recipes stored in my delicious account and to stream music and ESPN in the kitchen while I cook!

  27. I was just given an Ipad – from a friend!! Yes what an awesome friend I have. I love it in the kitchen for recipes, conversions, etc, this would be so handy!!

  28. I would reference recipes

  29. I would love to keep it above the mess while I read recipes.

  30. I use mine to follow online recipes. Also, while I’m cooking something that requires a lot of stirring, like pudding, I’ll check emails, read the news, and comics (especially Calvin & Hobbes!)

  31. I do use mine for recipes from online magazines.

  32. My NYC apartment has limited counter space so this would be a great way to stop wasting paper by printing recipes and not take up my precious counter space while I am cooking or baking.

  33. I use my tablet for pulling up all my bookmarked recipes, for keeping and sharing my shopping lists on Cozi, and for following my favorite cooking blog, Baking Bites!

  34. I use mine to look @ recipes.

  35. My fiancé (soon to be husband in 42 days :D) is learning how to cook because he is so sweet and he only uses his iPad and Pinterest to find recipes so this would help him not make a mess on it! :)

  36. I use my iPad as my main cookbook.

  37. What a great giveaway. I love using my iPad in the kitchen for recipes and music but have little counter space so always moving it. this is a great way to keep it up and clean!

  38. I would actually like to use mine in an educational setting: putting it on the table where my elementary Life Skills students prepare healthy snacks. The kids could look at the visual recipes on the ipad and fix the snacks at the same time. It would be great!

  39. I’d love to have a spot so that I could read my recipes at eye level without printing them every time.

  40. I use my iPad to follow recipes while preparing meals. A mount would keep it at eye level – off counters and away from spills.

  41. I use it to look up recipes while cooking, and watch shows while cleaning. Would LOVE this cabinet mount!

  42. I’d use this not only for recipes, but for following along yoga videos! Really cool. You know, might also use this to show kiddos videos!


  43. I use my tablet for recipes and music while I’m cooking

  44. I use a tablet for recipes in the kitchen. I don’t have a printer so I always just bring the recipes up on my tablet and use it as I go.

  45. I would use this to bring my Grandma’s recipes back to life, I currently have them all scanned into my computer, but having the computer in my dorm kitchen just isn’t working. This would be great, because I could continue to have my Grandma and even Mom’s recipes in the kitchen with me, to cook up some good and healthy things for my roommates and myself. Especially on those nights of homesickness. :/

    (Thanks for holding this giveaway it is so great!)

  46. i use my tablet for listening to music and playing games ;)

  47. To help cook vegan meals for my family…I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and it would help being able to see the iPad better. Thank you!

  48. I use my iPad for recipes to cook in my kitchen daily.

  49. This is ths first time I have ever seen this bracket! My ipad is my cookbook when I’m cooking. This would be very handy. Thank you for a chance to win one!

  50. Thanks for the giveaway…we use our iPad in the kitchen for recipes & watching media while cooking…leaned against some books.

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