Nordicware Heritage Bundt Pan Giveaway! (closed)

Heritage Bundt

One of my favorite bundt pans in my collection is my Nordicware Heritage Bundt Pan, which features a lovely spiral design with deep ridges that bakes very dramatic cakes. Like other Nordicware pans, this one is made of heavy duty cast aluminum and features a nonstick finish inside that helps the cake pop out easily every time you bake with it. It makes a wonderful addition to any baker’s kitchen, so I’ve decided to give away a Nordicware Heritage Bundt Pan to one lucky reader!

To enter the contest, just leave a comment below and tell me your favorite bundt cake, whether it is a simple pound cake or an over-the-top tunnel of fudge cake. The contest ends Sunday, May 6th at midnight and the winner will be randomly selected from the entries. The pan will ship out asap, and should get to the winner before Mother’s Day. Don’t forget to fill in your e-mail on the comment form (it will not be public), as that is how I will contact the winner, and good luck!

Here are a few bundt cakes to inspire you:

Update: This contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone for entering! The winner will be announced shortly.


  1. My favorite bundt cake is an applesauce spice bundt. DEEELICIOUS!

  2. I absolutely can’t resist a good lemon pound bundt with a thick lemon glaze!

  3. Simple pound cake. And then adorned with fruit sauce or berries and whipped cream.

  4. Michelle Henry

    Pound cake! Although a spice bundt of some sort is delish as well :)

  5. My favorite bundt that I’ve made so far is a chocolate cake with a chocolate chip cheesecake tunnel. SO YUMMY!

  6. My favorite bunt cake is Ruby Cake from Sarabeth’s Bakery: From My Hands to Yours. It is a rich and decadent cake with a swirl of raspberry and chocolate in it. The recipe for the batter is spectacular.

  7. Personally, I’m a chocolate girl. I like chocolate cake with chocolate chips and chocolate glaze. Yum.

  8. My favorite to make (and eat!) is a fudge poundcake with chocolate glaze, sprinkled with chocolate chips!

  9. This pan looks lovely. I’m not picky about what kind of bundt cake I’ll eat but if I’m making one it will either have lemon or chocolate in it!

  10. Chocolate Stout Cake… I make it each year to celebrate the release of Dogfather Imperial Stout :)

  11. I love pound cake

  12. This pan is beautiful, I’ve never seen anything like it. My favorite bundt cake is an apple cake that my mother in law shared wtih me. doesn’t even need icing. Thanks for the chance.

  13. Butter Pecan Bundt Cake–delicious!

  14. I love chocolate chip pound cake!

  15. My favorite bundt cake is a poppy seed coffee cake. I got the recipe more than 30 years ago at a cooking class. It has been a family favorite ever since.

  16. My favorite bundt is a chocolate zucchini cake. I love that it has the perfect flavor to not need a frosting, and thanks to the zucchini it stays very moist.

  17. For sentimental reasons, my favorite bundt cake is my Grandmother’s pound cake :) Thanks for helping me relive this memory.

  18. Katalin Csontos

    Poppyseed with lemon is the best.

  19. chocolate stout with whiskey caramel!

  20. Veronica Suarez

    I love just good, old-fashioned pound cake. You can’t beat it!

  21. My fave is a simple pound cake…just liek my grandma used to make!

  22. I love making lemon poppyseed bundt cake! It is perfect with a lemon glaze!

  23. I love Meyer Lemon bundt cake!

  24. I make a lemon yogurt honey pound cake. So great, and it gets better a day or two after it’s baked!

  25. old school 70′s style wine cake!

  26. Pound cake is my favorite right now. But you tiramisu cake sounds like a good one to try.

  27. Black bottom bundt cake (just like those cupcakes that have the chocolate bottom and cream cheese top). It’s a good thing it isn’t my recipe and I don’t know how to make it, otherwise I’d be getting a TLC series.

  28. I always make Egnnog Bundt cake around the holidays. It’s legendary at my school. I always leave copies of the recipe with the cake,!

  29. Lemon Poppyseed Bundt Cake is one of my favorites! I want to try the Black Bottom Bundt Cake that Kate mentioned! Yum!

  30. I like the boozy ones. I think my favorite might be Kahlua cake, but I love it when you can get a buzz just from the smell of the cake.

  31. cinnamon sugar bundt cake

  32. I have a great old fashioned pound cake recipe that I make in a bundt pan. I got it at a dessert recipe exchange party.

  33. I love the tunnel of fudge bundt cake.

  34. David Lebovitz’s zucchini bundt cake with crunchy lemon glaze.

  35. Favorite bundt cake…vanilla pound cake with cranberries!

  36. Butter Pecan Pound Cake is one of my favorites!

  37. chocolate anything

  38. I make a killer Kahlua Bundt cake – and it would look so amazing in this new pan!

  39. I love my lemon poppyseed cake in a bundt pan, brushed with a lemon syrup.

  40. I think pumpkin cake with oatmeal, dried fruit, walnut and coconut is the best cake ever for me! :)

  41. Favorite bundt cake is probably a Kahlua cake. I’m in love with anything coffee or chocolate. Our Kahlua cake is deliciously coffee-rich, moist and perfect!

    Love your site!

  42. My nana’s pound cake with powdered sugar!

  43. I love a rich chocolate pound cake!

  44. Bundt cake is my go-to dessert for any occasion. I’d love to own this beautiful pan! Favourite recipe? Chocolate chocolate-chip pound cake. Yum!

  45. Pumpkin with a pecan-maple glaze.

  46. I love to make my grandmother’s orange crush cake!

  47. Lemon poppyseed for sure, glazed with lemon syrup!

  48. Pumpkin bundt cake with a pecan and cinnamon swirl, topped with a maple glaze.

  49. My sister makes a delicious walnut carrot bundt cake and I made her frost it with chocolate, mmm.

  50. Almond poppyseed, although I use my bundt pan most often for whole-wheat monkey bread (not sweet).

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