Wheel of Portion Cake Platter

Wheel of Portion Cake Platter
Some cake platters are meant to turn a simple cake into an elegant centerpiece, and some cake platters are meant to be a little more practical. This Wheel of Portion Cake Platter falls into the latter category. The ceramic cake platter may look like any other cake stand at first glance: it has a large, flat surface that can accommodate a cake up to 12-inches in diameter and stands 2.5-inches high. The difference between it and your average cake plate is that this one comes with some serving suggestions that will help you decide just how big of a piece you might want to eat.

The colorful platter is divided up like a pie chart with multiple options – helpfully printed around the outside of the cake plate – that let you define your slices. The choices include: the breakup slice, the midnight snack slice, the sharing slice and the perfect slice (neither too big, nor too small), as well as a few others. If nothing else, the stand is a perfect size and shape for just about any cake, but it’s a fantastic conversation starter at a party and worth bringing out even if you already know how you want to slice your cake!


  1. Putting this on my wishlist!

  2. Very funny! I love the “No One’s Watching.” That would be perfect for me.

  3. How adorable and creative!

    Can we see it profile?

  4. One of my best friends gave me this for Christmas!!!! I was totally thrilled to open it up and see it! It’s too fun for words! I use it to serve cake and cupcakes!

  5. Lol, this is a fantastic gift for girlfriends to give to each other! I think it might actually help those who are emotional eaters in a warped kind of way, too.

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