Williams-Sonoma Swirl Cupcake Pan

Williams-Sonoma Nonstick Swirl Cupcake Pan
As delicious as cupcakes are, there are times when you want something a little more elegant looking than your standard cupcake but still want your desserts to come in a small package. There are a wide variety of shaped cupcake pans out there, but this Swirl Cupcake Pan from Williams-Sonoma puts a real twist on a standard cupcake. The pan has six cavities, and each one is shaped into an elegant swirl. Batter is added to fill each cavity and baked until it forms a flat top, rather than a domed one, and the cupcakes sit swirl side up to be served. The heavy-duty pan is nonstick, and uses a Swiss-made ceramic nonstick coating (Goldtouch) that is very durable and scratch resistant, so your cakes will turn out flawless again and again.

The finished swirl cupcakes can be finished with a simple confectioners’ sugar glaze or with a rich chocolate glaze. Thicker frostings will hide the details of the swirl, although you could use the cone method to core the cupcakes and pipe in a creamy filling. The cakes can also simply be dusted with confectioners’ sugar – whatever flavor you decide to make them – and served with fresh berries on the side.

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  1. The whole “cupcake thing” was entirely lost on me. Nothing but an excuse for too much frosting in my view. But I can see that this would make lovely individual sized bundt cakes that would be very elegant with the kind of glaze/ganache you suggest. The only thing is that it would probably take 4 of these puppies to bake a full recipe of batter.

    I suppose one could bake a single pan of these and use a loaf pan for the remaining batter. Or simply decrease all the ingredients to make a portion of the batter. They would be pretty served on a shiny lemon leaf or two.

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