Nordicware Domed Cupcake Tray

Nordicware Domed Cupcake Tray

They make cake carriers in all shapes and sizes, from tiny boxes that will hold a single cupcake to rectangular trays that fit large sheet cakes to low-lidded carriers for pies. All cake carriers are designed to keep your baked goods in a secure, airtight environment so that they can be easily transported or stored while staying fresh. Most are utilitarian, and you generally need to take your goodies out of the carrier when you want to serve them, or dress them up for a fancier presentation. This is not the case with Nordicware’s Domed Cupcake Tray. This is a cake carrier that is also a dessert stand, with two tiers that can both hold your goodies and serve them in a classy way. The domed lid fits over the whole stand, coming close to the sides of the top tier while leaving plenty of room on top for piles of frosting. You can fit about a dozen standard cupcakes in this carrier, or stack the two trays with as many cookies as you can pile up. The top tier is detachable, too, to make cleaning easier.

The only potential drawback to this carrier – if you are planning to use this as your primary cake carrier – is that there isn’t a large handle on top to make it easy to carry, so you have to hold it from the bottom. On the plus side, this does make for a much more attractive bakery-like presentation when you set the sleek container on the counter, even before you’ve opened it to let people taste what’s inside!


  1. I have this in red. It’s so cute and it really does make for nice presentation.

  2. Great if used at party’s and social events too!

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