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Girl Scout Cookies: A Survival Tool?

Posted By Nicole On February 17, 2012 @ 7:21 am In Food News | 3 Comments


Girl Scout cookies are treats that many of us look forward to every year because not only are the cookies tasty, but you’re supporting local troops and encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit of young girls (even when you can bake your own Girl Scout cookies at home, year-round). It turns out that Girl Scout cookies can become a survival tool if you find yourself caught in a snowstorm, too. A Northern California couple was out for a scenic drive a few days ago when their car became caught in a snowdrift. They couldn’t reach help and had told no-one where they were going. They managed to survive for three days on some Girl Scout Cookies (and a few peanuts) that they had in their car, melting snow for drinking water. The cookies helped to fuel their spirits and stave off hunger until they were able to try and hike for help after a few days.

You probably don’t think of cookies in general as suvival food, but they pack in fat and carbs that can help keep you going when you’re facing tough conditions. They’re not going to provide the complete nutrition of one of those meal replacement protein bars, but they also taste a lot better.

It doesn’t say which variety of Girl Scout they had with them, but I’d guess that Thin Mints or Samoas are likeky, as they are the most popular types of cookies that the Girl Scouts sell. Any flavor of cookie – even if it was your least favorite Girl Scout Cookie flavor – would do in a situation like that, of course. Maybe I should start keeping a stash of Homemade Girl Scout Cookies in my car, just to be on the safe side!


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