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Celebrate Fat Tuesday with Pancakes

Ricotta Pancakes

The Tuesday before Lent begins is known as Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday and – somewhat less officially – Pancake Day. Lent is a period of fasting in many Christian traditions, so the day before it started was a time when people set out to use up all the milk, butter, eggs and other items that they couldn’t eat during Lent. Buttery crepes or pancakes that used a lot of these ingredients were a natural choice to use them up, and the tradition of Pancake Day was born.

Pancake Day itself is certainly not a religious occasion, but it is a good excuse to enjoy a batch of homemade pancakes for breakfast or even for dinner. I typically celebrate Pancake Day by getting up a little bit early (it is a weekday, after all) so that I have time in the morning to make pancakes from scratch. Here are a few favorite pancake recipes for inspiration to help you celebrate Pancake Day in your kitchen, too:

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  • Susan B
    February 21, 2012

    Happy Pancake day!!!

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