Nordic Ware Bundt Brownie Pan

Nordic Ware Bundt Brownie Pan

Brownies are usually baked in square or rectangular baking pans, which leaves them in an easy-to-slice – if somewhat boring – shape. You can put your brownie batter into pans of different shapes and sizes, but brownies are a very sensitive type of baked good where the size and depth of the pan really matter if you want your brownies to turn out to be moist and fudgy. Nordic Ware’s Bundt Brownie Pan is designed with this in mind. The cast-aluminum pan has a dozen shallow, bundt-shaped cavities that will give a batch of mini brownies an attractive look and enough depth to bake to a fudgy consistency. They’re slightly larger than mini muffin cavities (another popular choice for mini brownies), so you will generally get a moister brownie when you’re done. The pan is nonstick, but I definitely recommend lightly greasing and flouring (or using cocoa powder, if you’re baking brownies) this type of pan because you can’t fit a muffin liner inside and you definitely don’t want your brownies to stick.

This pan isn’t just for baking brownies, of course. Like a mini muffin pan, you can use it for many applications, including cakes and muffins. Because of the details on the pan, this works best with plain batters that don’t have mix-ins like chocolate chips or berries, which could cause you to lose a lot of definition when you pop your cakes out. There is a cake shop in my area that sells these bite-sized bundts instead of cupcakes, puts a dab of frosting on top and calls them Bundtinis!


  1. so cute, I love anything small like this.

  2. I recently brought a Nordic Bundt pan, and I was shocked at the price that is until I got it home. Man am I NOW in love with this brand. I dont need anymore pans for my collection this this one is pretty cute as well.

  3. Oh, I had an uncle who was born around 1900. He said that “marmalade” was really just a “jelly” made by moms. And, carried around by kids to sell on the street. This was so yummy that people asked for “MORE ME LAD.” Which is how it got its name.

  4. This is a great product that any cooking enthusiast should own!

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