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Chicago Metallic Pot Pie Pan
You can eat pie any time of year, but fall is really pie season for me. It’s the time of year when apple pie seems to taste its very best and when hearty chicken pot pies are the perfect comfort food. Pies are tasty whatever filling you pile inside, and they can be fun to make and serve, as well. A new pan from Chicago Metallic that  makes four individually sized pies caught my eye and so I’m giving away a Chicago Metallic Individual Pie Mold Pan – also known as a pot pie pan – to one lucky reader!

To enter the contest, just leave a comment with your favorite type of pie below  – whether it is sweet or savory – below. The contest ends Sunday at midnight (9/18/2011)  and the winner will be randomly selected from the entries. Don’t forget to fill in your e-mail on the comment form (it will not be public), as that is how I will contact the winner, and good luck!

Here are a few pie recipes ad tips for inspiration:

Update: The contest is now closed! Julie A was the randomly selected winner. Congrats, Julie!


  1. Pear-blueberry double crust pie. Savory coconut curry handpies are a close second.

  2. apple pie! with a dollop of vanilla ice cream by the side.

  3. Cherry, raspberry, blueberry, coconut cream….

  4. My all-time favorite is Shoo-Fly pie.

  5. Last summer my job was running a farmers market pie table. I was in charge of making the weekly pies, packaging them, and selling them at the market (including giving out samples). During this time my love for pie deepened, especially because all of the pies were incredibly delicious, I did lots of sampling just to be sure. My all time favorite was the blueberry, but the strawberry-pineapple-rhubarb was a close runner up. That little pot pie pan is so cute!

  6. Blueberry Rhubarb

  7. I’ll never pass up a piece of strawberry-rhubarb pie, or chocolate pecan.

  8. My favorites are chocolate, coconut or blueberry.

  9. Cherry is definitely my favorite, but French silk is a close second! Love the blog!

  10. Peach or pumpkin….. Too hard to choose just one!

  11. I love chicken pot pie.

  12. My favorite kind of pie will always be pumpkin!

  13. Cherry pie or chicken pot pie!

  14. I love making pies! My fav would have to be the classic apple. But I’m also partial to cherry and lately have been into chicken pot pies (even though I loathed them as a kid).

  15. Chicken pot pie. I’m more into savory than sweet.

  16. My favorite pie has to be Dutch Caramel Apple Pie.

  17. chicken pot pie is my favorite :)

  18. Apple Cranberry Pie

  19. I love the cream pies You know coconut cream; chocolate cream; etc. Thank you

  20. Pretty much I love pecan pie

  21. Blueberry, lattice top crust.

  22. Deviled chicken and leek pie. So good.

  23. Vegetarian pot pies with parsley and grated cheddar in the crust.

  24. Pumpkin pie!

  25. Pumpkin pie is my favorite, though I make it with butternut squash :)

  26. I like blueberry pie. I am also currently furious that my four little individual 5-inch pie pans rusted after one use! I have had my eye on this pan for that reason.

  27. I love apple pie. I know it’s pretty basic pie, but it’s so good!

  28. I love pumpkin pie! I eat it anytime of the year. My daughter, on the other hand, loves chicken pot pie!

  29. Nothing beats the classic apple pie with vanilla ice-cream. :)

  30. Love all kinds of pie, but elderberry is my all time favorite.

  31. That is very cute, I am looking for treats for a fall wedding next yr, and this seems perfect!
    They turn out amazing with the Plum, it’s a perfect autumn treat, a new favourite!
    Just need to find one of those to bake them in, that seems like the perfect finish I want to give them.

    great blog, have been browsing for ages, so many ideas to try…!! Thanks x

  32. Banoffee Pie is my favorite pie!

  33. Fresh Peach Pie!

  34. apple pie in cooler months,
    chocolate cream in warmer ones!

  35. Lemon meringue with a homemade, flaky, buttery crust.

  36. Lemon pie – be it the lemon pudding type (made by my Great Aunt Ethel every holiday) or the two crust Ohio Lemon Pie discovered a few years back – Lemon is my favorite!

  37. I would have to say apple or strawberry rhubarb or peach or blueberry or……….all of them!

  38. Surfing the web on a lazy Saturday afternoon and came across yours I think from the Crepes of Wrath. I don’t have a particular favorite pie but would love to experiment with this type of pan.

  39. My grandma’s pecan pie! Amazing!

  40. Pumpkin pie is the best! I love the spices and texture of it.

  41. My favorite pie at this time of year is a turtle pumpkin pie! :)

  42. My favorite pie is pecan and next any fruit pie except peach.

  43. Oh It’s a close tie between Cauliflower Cheese Pie and warm Apple Pie!

  44. my favorite would have to be an apple pie with crumble on top with an ice-cream topper

  45. Strawberry rhubarb followed by any berry pie

  46. Caramel apple pie is by far my most favorite pie recipe. I’d LOVE to make cute little ones with this handy little pan!! How cool!

  47. My mom makes the best cherry and pecan pie, I love them both!

  48. Peanut butter pie! And key lime pie – the one with condensed milk, key lime juice and cool whip!

  49. Apple is my gacorite followed by blueberry and pumpkin!

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