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Cookbook Holder with Conversion Chart

Posted By Nicole On August 16, 2011 @ 7:07 am In Gear and Gadgets | 2 Comments

Cookbook Holder with Conversion Chart
Cookbook holders come in handy in the kitchen because they make it a lot easier to see the recipes that you’re working from. When you lay a cookbook on the counter, you need to place it somewhere where it won’t get in the way of your mixing bowls and ingredients, you need to bend over to read the recipe and you’re exposing the book to spills and other damage. In many cases you will also find yourself using something like a bag of brown sugar to hold the book open to the appropriate page. It’s not that it’s that difficult to work with an unheld cookbook, but it is so much easier to use one that is propped up right in front of you, both out of the way and easy to read.

This Glass & Stainless-Steel Cookbook Holder, sold at Williams Sonoma, takes cookbook holder utility to a new level. The slick holder has a brushed steel base and not only props up your books, but it comes with a heavy tempered glass plate that holds open your book and protects it from spills and splashes. The plate is much wider than it is tall, so it makes the holder very sturdy and unlikely to tip over, even when being used to hold up oversized cookbooks. The glass plate is also printed with a very handy conversion chart that has the U.S. and metric equivalents for liquid measures, dry measures and weights printed where you can easily see and reference them.

Cookbook Holder Conversion Chart, up close

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