Chefn Bananza Slicer

Chefn Bananza Slicer
One of the reasons that I bake banana bread and other banana recipes so often is that bananas are one of my favorite fruits and I always have them in the house. I put them on cereal, in oatmeal, in fruit salads and baked goods. I never really though that bananas were a difficult fruit to work with, and that is probably why I never wondered whether there was an easier way to slice them up than simply using a knife. It turns out that there is. The Chefn Bananza Slicer is a hand-held tool that slices bananas with a simple squeeze of the hand, leaving you with five perfect slices for every squeeze. All you do is peel your banana and slide your fruit into the rings of the slicer. You’ve never cut a banana faster – and it is very safe for kids (and occasionally careless adults!) to use on their own. It’s fun to use and, while it might not change your life, it just might change the way you eat bananas.


  1. I have a banana with my cereal every morning.
    I have a great recipe for a banana cake that my husband and the rest of my family just love.
    They are really good for you too.

  2. Is it really faster? With a knife and a cutting board I can slice a banana in about 20 seconds.

    This seems like a bit of a ridiculous unitasker.

  3. I think its useless, but I also like the idea of perfectly slice bananas on my oatmeal, or banana tarts!

  4. Most useless kitchen gadget ever. What’s wrong with slicing them with a knife? It might take 2 seconds longer, but it will save you the cost of the slicer and a fair amount of dignity. Bananas could be sliced with pretty much anything– dental floss, a butter knife, even a dang piece of paper.

  5. Definitely most useless gadget ever. Anyone who needs this to slice a banana should probably not be in a kitchen.

  6. I bought this banana slicer for my boyfriend as a gift. He eats a lot of bananas and I thought it’d be goofy gift. Sure, it’s a completely impractical gift, but it’s fun!

  7. A required tool in the kitchen: probably not
    For young children: maybe
    I assume that it is made in China so for that reason I would not even consider purchasing it. These days the first thing I look for on the packaging is where it is made, at least for items in my kitchen. It helps support jobs in the US but most of all it keeps clutter out of my kitchen.

  8. This would be great for those of us who make banana chips in the dehydrator – making slices even is important to help them all be done at the same time!

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