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A push for gluten free Girl Scout Cookies

Posted By Nicole On June 2, 2011 @ 6:58 am In Food News | 12 Comments

Girl Scout Cookie Boxes

Girl Scouts have been selling cookies, in various forms and flavors, for decades now and the cookies are probably more popular than ever. But Girl Scouts themselves, as well as some of their parents, are starting to ask for some changes in the Girl Scout cookie lineup as they become more socially aware, more health conscious and more interested in the actual products they’re selling. Some girls are already asking for Girl Scout cookie makers to try to eliminate non-sustainably produced palm oil from their cookie recipes. Now, one mom and her Girl Scout daughter are pushing for the Girl Scouts to make at least one variety of their popular cookies gluten free. The mother in this case has started a petition in her area, Long Island, NY, to prove to the Girl Scouts that there is a market for gluten free cookies. Her daughter, who has been a Brownie for 2 years, has celiac disease and can’t eat the cookies that her friends, family and community members enjoy.

This young Scout is not alone. There are many other kids and parents with Celiac disease (as well as those who opt for wheat/gluten free diets for other reasons) who are either Girl Scout members or supporters of the organization that feel left out by the lack of gluten free options. The Girl Scouts say that they already conducted extensive market research and concluded that there isn’t enough demand to justify the expense of introducing a new cookie.

The gluten free market has boomed in the past couple of years, and given the fact that the Girl Scouts have introduce many new cookies heavily influenced by popular diets and trends in the past few years, it seems unlike them to resist going gluten free for at least one box. For instance, organization has featured Sugar Free Chocolate Chips and even 100 calorie pack Cinna-spins and low fat Daisy Go Rounds. They try new cookies all the time and change out those that don’t make it. Granted, all of these “diet” cookies were phased out, but they had their fans and if 100-calorie pack Girl Scout Cookies get a chance, perhaps it is time for gluten free Girl Scout Cookies to have one, as well.

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