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Slow Cooker Revolution

Posted By Nicole On February 21, 2011 @ 7:01 am In Magazines & Cookbooks | 3 Comments

Slow Cooker RevolutionLong, slow cooking is great for all kinds of foods, from stews to roasts, but not everyone has the time to sit around the kitchen for hours a day babysitting a hot oven. The slow cooker is the solution, an appliance that does the slow cooking for you while you go to work, run errands or are out and about. Slow Cooker Revolution is a cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen that can help you take full advantage of the potential of a slow cooker.

The book (also available directly from America’s Test Kitchen) has 200 recipes and they range from soups, stews and roasts to pasta sauces, barbecue, breakfast and even desserts – all of which can be made in the slow cooker. Unlike some other slow cooker cookbooks, ATK doesn’t take a hard line with the “fix it and forget it” concept. While the recipes are easy and are largely hands-off, there are recipes where they direct you to prepare some of the ingredients on the stovetop to draw out additional flavors before putting them into the cooker and there are also a few recipes that are best finished with a little bit of time in the oven or under the broiler. This adds a little time to the overall preparation of a recipe, but it’s just a small fraction of the 5-10 hour cooking time that the slow cooker handles on its own. The details are things that will take food from good to great, and they are the kind of details that fans of America’s Test Kitchen have come to expect from their recipes.

In addition to the recipes, you’ll find product reviews and recommendations for specific ingredients that work better in slow cookers than others. There are also lots of great tips for preparation and serving, as well as a few quick-fix recipes for sauces and side dishes that make great accompaniments. You might be surprised at the wide range of things that you can do with the slow cooker and could very well find yourself using it more often to prepare great dishes with minimal work.

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