Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Pan

Nordic Ware Egg Waffle Pan
Egg waffles are a popular street food in Hong Kong. The unique waffles look like bubble wrap and come out of a specially shaped waffle iron crisp on the outside and fluffy inside, with a sweet, eggy flavor. This was one of those foods that you really only saw when traveling to Hong Kong, and it was difficult to find the special pans anywhere else, but Nordic Ware has just introduced an Egg Waffle Pan at Williams Sonoma that will enable you to make these street food favorites at home.

The heavy duty, cast aluminum pan has two pieces that fold over to create the pockets for the waffles. Each piece of the pan – the top and the bottom – are actually heated on separate burners of the stove and then put together after you add the batter to one half of the pan. This ensures that your pan heats up thoroughly and you get the best “puff” on your waffle. The interior of the pan is nonstick, so while a little butter or oil will help the outside of the waffle to crisp up, you don’t need any for the waffle to release easily. Serve the egg waffles flat, with syrup and butter as you would a regular waffle, or roll them into a cone shape and eat them street-food style.


  1. Like I’ve said before, nordic ware has got to put out all these stuff that I feel this mandatory need to buy ;)

  2. I think I would use this open face to make one of my favorite Thai desserts – Kanom Krok. The shape of this pan is almost exactly what I’d need to get the right shape of these small pancake-like bites!

  3. I’m so tempted to get this! I love the egg waffles I get in Chinatown.

  4. Eat them with syrup and butter? Sacrilege! The only way to eat egg waffles is from a paper bag, ripping individual segments off as you shove through crowded streets [:

  5. there is a great chinese bakery in Chinatown in Philadelphia (Yummy Yummy) that has amazing egg waffles, they have cookies and cream, chocolate, vanilla, and whit choc/green tea (they put a white chocolate chip inside each of the balls, it’s amazing!)

  6. I saw advertisements for this and I am so curious as to what it would be like to eat it!

  7. You can try looking in a place that has scandinavian kitchen stuff. Here it is common for electrical waffle irons. Not belgian waffles but pretty d-n good and very close. The batter used has egg in it.

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  9. how much is the iron?

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