Butter Cream Bakery, Napa, CA

Butter Cream Bakery

I can’t resist a classic diner and I knew after one glance at the pink and white striped building of the Butter Cream Bakery and Diner in Napa that I would have to stop in for breakfast. The bakery opened in 1948 as a donut shop and grew from there. Today, they have a great bakery that does everything from donuts to wedding cakes and a busy diner that is a favorite with many locals.

The staff at the diner is incredibly friendly, as are many of the regulars, and the whole place has a bustling, upbeat atmosphere. I couldn’t resist trying their breakfast menu, and ordered eggs, potato pancakes (offered as an alternative to hash browns) and freshly baked biscuits. Everything at the diner is made on site from scratch, too.

Butter Cream Bakery biscuits

Butter Cream Bakery breakfast

The biscuits are light and fluffy and the potato pancakes have a great savory flavor. I wouldn’t mind having those for brekafast more often! The diner also has all kinds of lunch specials – again, made from scratch on site – from chicken pot pie to classic burgers. Our server raved about the chicken pot pie and the homemade crust, but the fact that it came with a slice of homemade pie sealed the deal and we got one, too.

The chicken pot pie was creamy and absolutely full of chicken, with a light, tender crust that didn’t get soggy even under the weight of all that filling. The pie was also freshly baked, slightly warm and with a lot of cinnamon in the filling to set off the super tender apples. I wish that I had had a scoop of ice cream to go with the pie, but I don’t know if I would have been able to finish it because the portions were so generous.

Butter Cream Bakery Chicken Pot Pie

Butter Cream Bakery Pie

Next time, I’ll get the peach cobbler – or whatever the daily special is – with a side of ice cream. I’ll probably also start out with the pie so that I have room for the whole thing, then move on top breakfast afterwards. The Napa Valley is known for great food and it’s always nice to see that you don’t need to go to a five star restaurant (or spend a fortune) to find it.

Butter Cream Bakery and Diner
2297 Jefferson St
Napa, CA 94559


  1. I love seeing all these Napa spots on your blog! Being a Napa Native it’s pretty exciting to see places that you grew up eating at (i.e. Buttercream Bakery) while scrolling through your blogs! Thanks!

  2. That’s making me want breakfast and pie – even though the two don’t really go together. :)

  3. I love potato pancakes! Looks like a great place to have a delicious and comforting breakfast.

  4. I have lived in area my whole life and have never tried that place, but I think I will sometime in the next few weeks, looks great!

  5. Oh my gosh. We are thinking of planning a trip up north this Fall and this will definitely have to go on our to do list. Love these kind of little diners/bakeries! Thank you!!

  6. So happy to see this on my feed today. My grandpa and step grandma were the original owners.

  7. If you’re still in Napa you must try ABC Bakery on Third Street. That’s where we take company for the best breakfasts ever. Everyone comes away with a smile on their face.

  8. I keep trying to get my husband to go out to Napa so we can try all the fabulous places to eat. This just makes me want to go even more!

  9. I have never eaten savory food at the bakery. But I have to say, for a bakery that is names “Butter Cream”, I’m not a fan of their butter cream cakes. But perhaps if I tried their other foods, I might like the place better.

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