NordicWare Filled Cupcakes Pan

Filled Cupcakes Pan

Cream filled cupcakes are not difficult to make. All you need to do is hollow out the core of a baked cupcake using a paring knife or a cupcake corer and pipe in your filling. If you would rather have the pan do the work for you, than Nordicware’s Filled Cupcakes Pan might just be the perfect pan to add to your collection.

This pan bakes up super cute cupcakes in two parts: the base and the top. The base has a shallow dish on one side that can be filled with the filling of your choice, The top of each cupcake is a swirling cone and the two pieces stack together to create an adorable double-sized cupcake made entirely of cake. You can frost the top portion of each cake cupcake to finish off your creations, but you’ll have some visually impressive desserts even if you don’t! The pan is made from heavy-duty cast aluminum and has a nonstick finish, so your cupcakes should pop right out without any need for cupcake wrappers. You won’t get quite as much filling in these as with the homemade filled cupcake method, but you will end up with a bigger cupcake and a great looking finished product.


  1. I love this pan! I can never get the height I want on my icing…this will fix that problem.

  2. Molding the swirl onto a cupcake during the baking process? this has got to be one of the worst “conveniences” I have seen to-date!

  3. Thinking it would be frosting I might not want one because it would look like so much…. or I may be sad there is not so much.. is it really that hard to core your own cup cake to add filling? It would take less time then having to bake twice as many pans to get the same amount of cupcakes this way.

  4. The problem is not, “is it really that hard to core your own cupcake to add filling,” or if a molding swirl it saving too much time.
    This pan seems to allow more cake, & less icing for someone who only wants a light glaze or sprinkled topping.
    It creates a good amount of cake to enjoy with the filling.
    I think a BOSTON CREME type cupcake would be ideal.
    Another plus, is that these are small cupcakes, just a lil’ bite!

  5. where can you get one of these pans>?

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