America’s Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook giveaway!

ATK Healthy Family Cookbook

I’ve been enjoying my copy of The America’s Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen, but I don’t want to keep it all to myself – so I’m giving away a copy! To make things even sweeter, this book has been signed by Chris Kimball! I wish I could say that I had one for everyone, but I have only one copy to give away to a lucky reader. To read a full review of the book, check out this post.

To enter the contest, leave a comment with your favorite America’s Test Kitchen recipe – whether it was from Cook’s Illustrated, Cook’s Country or one of their many cookbooks – below. If you can’t choose just one, you can always try making the Everyday Cinnamon Rolls, which just might be an instant favorite as a lighter, healthier version of gooey cinnamon rolls! The contest ends tonight at midnight and the winner will be randomly selected from the entries. Don’t forget to fill in your e-mail on the comment form (it will not be public), as that is how I will contact the winner, and good luck!

Update: Comments are closed. Thanks for participating, everyone! Congrats to Debby of A Feast for the Eyes, who was chosen as the winner!


  1. I like their onion soup recipe.

  2. favorite recipes in heavy rotation:
    -Beef and Barley Mushroom Soup (from “Best Recipe: Soups and Stews”)
    -Blueberry Cobbler with Buttermilk Biscuit Topping (from Cooks Illustrated magazine)
    -German Apple Pancake (from Cooks Illustrated magazine Sept issue from 5-8 yrs ago)
    -Marinade for Grilled Pork (from Cooks Illustrated, summer 2009)

  3. Cook’s Illustrated’s Simple Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. This is simply the absolute best carrot cake ever! Although I have a hard time picking, this is my favorite. Thanks to all of you, my family eats much better meals!

  4. I have many beloved recipes, but today I made my old brunch stand-by for my 3-year-old son’s first big birthday bash (sadly, most of the kids ate bagels): the spinach-shallot-gruyere-strata from Cooks Illustrated that calls for soaking the bread overnight in the custard until it bakes up to puffy, golden deliciousness the next morning. It’s always a hit.

  5. I love their chocolate chip muffins recipe!

  6. I just bookmarked the cinnamon buns and the cheesecake, but until I try those, the chocolate chip cookies are my favorite :)

  7. I love their Ultimate Banana Bread recipe. Puts mom’s to shame (don’t tell her though!). Love your posts!

  8. Buttermilk biscuits from Baking Illustrated

  9. Geeesh, I have so many favorites from ATK!!
    I am so fond of the Pork Chop with blue cheese and apple!!

  10. Cinnomon Rolls… Hands down

  11. Chocolate chip muffins, yummm.

  12. I have made the black bean soup from Laurel’s Kitchen many times, but the recipe I use now from Cook’s Illustrated is just a little bit better.

  13. All-Purpose Chocolate Cake from the ATK Family Cookbook. When I first made it, it reminded me of the old-fashioned Tastykake chocolate cupcakes I grew up with but much much better!

  14. All Purpose Chocolate Cake!!

  15. There was a rich chocolate bundt cake recipe from several years ago in Cook’s Illustrated that was amazing. I bake it for special occasions only since it’s rather labor-intensive and quite rich.

  16. My favorite recipe would be the Pie Pastry from The Best Recipe book. I’ve used it for years!

  17. My favorite recipe from America’s Test Kitchen is the Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake!

  18. My favorite recipe is their Pie Pastry from The Best Recipe book!

  19. My favorite recipe is a light version of fettucini alfredo.

  20. I really enjoyed Coils Illustated Fried
    chicken recipe. I used it for the first time this summer and it was some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever tasted!

  21. Gotta love the cinnamon rolls, but I recently saw an old fashioned chocolate cake I really want to try.

  22. I have never been great at cookies but I excel at their chocolate chip cookies recipe.

  23. My family loves your Southern Corn Bread. Its a must with mt homemade Chili, I developed it myself!
    Thanks for helping me learn to cook & bake & taking all the mistakes out of cooking, your explinations & step by step methods have helps me so much!

  24. love the Skillet Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya

  25. Potica (Slovenian Sweet Bread) in America’s Best Lost Recipes is my absolute favorite.

  26. the cream biscuits!

  27. I like the coq au vin recipe!

  28. The beef and barley soup! Yum, yum!!

  29. I love their flourless chocolate cake recipe!

  30. I’m a huge fan of the oatmeal cookie recipe (with chocolate chips, of course) from Baking Illustrated. I haven’t yet tried the cinnamon rolls, but I plan to soon! They look great!

  31. I love their baking book. Their cream scones are the absolute best!

  32. We love the granola bars from Baking Illustrated – even my mother is a devotee!

  33. Wellsley fudge cake!

  34. How can you go past the classic apple pie?

  35. Ultimate quiche!

  36. I use these 2 recipes the most – their fluffy pancakes and cream scones recipes :)

  37. The Chicken Divan recipe from the original ATK. It is delicious and can be on the table within 30 minutes.

  38. mmmm the triple mousse cake looks yummy!

  39. It’s simple, but my favorite (New Best Recipes – Cooks Illustrated) is oven roasted carrots with rosemary and onions. I make it over and over again.

  40. The cinnamon buns sound great to try but I love the Chocolate fudge filled bundt cake.

  41. I love the one-pan jambalaya. I used to manage a Cajun seafood restaurant in Fort Worth, and this is the easiest and quickest Cajun fix I can make at home!

  42. Hands down favorite is The Pot Pie from the Cooking for Two. Pure Brilliance!

  43. I’m with you on the cinnamon rolls. Our family can’t get enough of cinnamon rolls!

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