America’s Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook giveaway!

ATK Healthy Family Cookbook

I’ve been enjoying my copy of The America’s Test Kitchen Healthy Family Cookbook from America’s Test Kitchen, but I don’t want to keep it all to myself – so I’m giving away a copy! To make things even sweeter, this book has been signed by Chris Kimball! I wish I could say that I had one for everyone, but I have only one copy to give away to a lucky reader. To read a full review of the book, check out this post.

To enter the contest, leave a comment with your favorite America’s Test Kitchen recipe – whether it was from Cook’s Illustrated, Cook’s Country or one of their many cookbooks – below. If you can’t choose just one, you can always try making the Everyday Cinnamon Rolls, which just might be an instant favorite as a lighter, healthier version of gooey cinnamon rolls! The contest ends tonight at midnight and the winner will be randomly selected from the entries. Don’t forget to fill in your e-mail on the comment form (it will not be public), as that is how I will contact the winner, and good luck!

Update: Comments are closed. Thanks for participating, everyone! Congrats to Debby of A Feast for the Eyes, who was chosen as the winner!


  1. We have made many things from the “family cookbook” and everything always tastes perfect, so much so that we refer to it as “the bible” We go to it for reference for everything. I would love a lighter healthier version of that cookbook. we literally, just finished dinner: chicken enchiladas from “the bible” ; )

  2. Just tried making ATK’s chocolate chip cookies that use the unique technique of whisking the sugar with warm melted butter. Haven’t baked them yet (dough is portioned in the freezer), but hoping they’re a winner!

  3. I would like to try the Skillet Lasagna recipe from Cook’s Country

  4. Love their coleslaw and their show, especially when they test kitchen gadgets!

  5. The chocolate brownie recipe from Cook’s Illustrated. They are excellent!

  6. I really like the pulled pork recipe that doesn’t require the use of a smoker – you kame it in the oven instead. Amazingly you can’t taste the difference. Yumm

  7. One of my many favorite ATK/Cook’s Illustrated/Cook’s Country, etc., recipes is Spicy Turkey and Jasmine Rice Soup–the whole family LOVED it, and what a great way to use the leftover turkey !!

  8. I’m looking forward to making those cinnamon rolls!

  9. We make something from one of the cookbooks or magazines 4-5 nights per week and have never been disappointed. Americas Test Kitchen/Cooks Illustrated
    has really helped improve our cooking. We always consult them for new things to try! Great Stuff!!!

  10. My favorite America’s Test Kitchens recipe is the Spiced Pumpkin cheesecake. I made it for Thanksgiving last year and it was wonderful!

  11. I make the Blondies from the American Classics book all the time, and have used a ton of the recipes in the 30 Minute cookbook. All of them are fabulous for quick cooking without relying on processed ingredients!

  12. I’m hooked on their hummus and have been making it every week for the past month! Their chocolate chip cookies are great too…I love the butterscotch flavor! Really I haven’t made anything from ATK that I haven’t liked.

  13. I love their almond biscotti from the Family Cooking Cookbook!

  14. Chocolate chip cookies!

  15. I love the Cook’s Illustrated Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes!

  16. I LOVE their multigrain bread recipe. I was failing constantly at making whole grain breads until this one.
    All in my stand mixer, too… genius.

  17. The cinnamon rolls are delicious and the cheesecake looks awesome! I’m going to try that soon because I LOVE CHEESECAKE!! :)

  18. I’ve not tried their cookbook as yet (would love to win, though). That cheesecake that you posted looks terrific – especially with fresh berries!

  19. I like the NY cheesecake and I am looking forward to trying the everyday cinnamon rolls.

  20. Cooks Illustrated Almost No-Knead Bread

  21. Can I choose almost all their recipes from cooking for two? That book was a godsend for a new bride who had no idea how to cook.

  22. The St. Louis Style Pizza is delicious!

  23. Apple Upside Down Cake was really good

  24. The makeahead spinach and mushroom lasagna is deeeelish!

  25. I love the original cookbook, it’s my absolute favourite!

    Corn fritters are the first recipe that comes to mind!

  26. Chicken Piccata is a regular at our house.

  27. The Cook’s Illustrated turkey breast is my go-to recipe for Thanksgiving.

  28. Pumpkin cheesecake. But thinking cinnamon rolls are a great idea!

  29. The brownie recipe of course!!! I love ATK:)

  30. One of my favorites from ATK is the Oatmeal cookies…they always turn out so moist!!

  31. I love the ATK Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies – so delicious! And if there’s a healthier version in this cookbook, that would be amazing! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  32. Italian Pasta and Bean Soup—Pasta E Fagioli
    Wish I had some right now!

  33. The cream biscuit recipe is the easiest biscuit recipe to make!

  34. My favorite recipe is their All-American Chili Recipe, but their lighter brownie recipe is a VERY close second. :)

  35. Although I LOVE the 3 fresh berry no cook pie, it’s outstanding every time, I must say in the colder months I love love love the Reduced Fat Bread Pudding (Cooks Country Dec 2009) It is outstanding. Creamy, cinnamon-y. It is definitely a wintertime fav of mine I served it to my family for Christmas dessert 2009 and they didn’t believe me when I told them it was reduced fat. It’s that yummy. Now that we use eggs from our own chickens it’s even better!!
    I am a ATK, CCK groupie. Not just for recipes but also the equipment reviews. I just can’t get enough!

  36. I absolutely love the blondie recipe in baking illustrated!

  37. I don’t think I’ve made any recipes from America’s Test Kitchen yet? Can’t wait to try the lightned up cheesecake – yum!

  38. This may sound silly, but we love their macaroni and cheese from “New Best Recipe.” What a fun giveaway!

  39. My Favorite recipe from Cooks Ill. is the Blueberry Pie. The crust is so yummy and comes out great with the added Vodka to prevent glutizaton of the crust. It has a really intense Blueberry flavor and texture because 1/2 of the blueberries are cooked and crushed. I love the way the grate apples help thicken it. I make this pie every year when the blueberries come in season.

  40. Oh man, I have to say cinnamon rolls hold a special place in my heart. I’d definitely have to try out their recipe if I win! :)

  41. I make the cream biscuit recipe several times a month. Very easy and the best biscuits ever.

  42. The Chocolate Blackout Cake is easy and scrumptious!!!

  43. Their superlative roast chicken

  44. CI’s pizza crust is terrific; actually all CI recipes are great.

  45. I love the Parmesan-crusted chicken, though the garlic-potato soup and the brown-sugar cookies are also amazing.

  46. the bake sale brownies rock!!!!

  47. Loved, loved, loved Shrimp and Grits in Cooking for Two!!

  48. One of my favorite recipes from Cooks Illustrated is their indoor chicken fajitas. The simple marinade is fantastic!

  49. I always find a new favorite recipe in each of their magazine issues. This month it’s the recipe for Basic Couscous.

  50. I enjoy trying American’s Test Kitchen Recipes as well as ones from Cooks Country. Hard to pick just one. Love them all. Bet this is a wonderful book. I’d be honored to win it.
    joosbornenc at yahoo dot com

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