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Posted By Nicole On December 1, 2010 @ 7:07 am In Baking,Foodies and Chefs | 3 Comments

  • You’re not going to find anything like Bakingdom‘s Mexican Hot Chocolate Donuts with Marshmallow Frosting at your local donut shop. These chocolate donuts have a little bit of both cinnamon and chipotle to give them a little spice, and they’re baked in a mini donut pan. After baking, the donuts are given a light glaze and topped with a fluffy marshmallow frosting. You can leave the frosting as-is, but toasting it quickly under the broiler gives the donuts a beautiful finish and a nice toasted sugar flavor.
  • Lots of dried fruits, including cranberries, raisins and apricots, make their way into holiday cookies. Taking a path slightly less followed, Two Peas and Their Pod baked up some Pomegranate White Chocolate Chunk Cookies and use fresh pomegranate arils instead of defaulting to a dried fruit. The arils look like little jewels and they go into the cookies whole. They’re not as juicy as berries, so they don’t have a negative impact on the texture of the cookies, but they have just enough juice to give you a little burst of sweet-tart flavor when you bite into one. They’re a good match for the white chocolate in addition to being a beautiful way to dress up a cookie.
  • I have been a big fan of tornado potatoes ever since I spotted one on a food blog, and an even bigger fan after eating my first one in Seoul last year. Sea Salt with Food has a great post on How to Cut a Spiral Potato that shows you how to make these tasty treats at home! They’re much easier than they look, and the more you practice, the better your finished potatoes will look. For optimum results, deep fry the potatoes twice to give them a nice crisp finish.
  • The Coffee Cake with Coffee Frosting at Gastronomy Blog isn’t your typical coffee cake, topped with a sugary streusel. It is literally a coffee cake. The layered cake has a generous amount of coffee flavoring in both layers and is topped and filled with a coffee-infused frosting. The coffee comes from instant coffee, which is a great way to flavor a cake because it is very easily incorporated with the other ingredients and it is easy to control the strength of the flavor by simply adding more, unlike adding liquid coffee, which can throw off the recipe proportions if you try to add too much. For a variation, add some chocolate to the frosting (or just use chocolate frosting) for a mocha cake!
  • If you like cinnamon buns, it won’t be hard to like the Cinnamon Raisin Pull Apart Muffins that Bake 5 baked up. These muffins are cinnamon buns with a lot less effort. A simple yeast dough is mixed up, cut into small pieces and coated with cinnamon sugar. The pieces are packed into a muffin tin and topped with more of a cinnamon sugar mixture – this time with butter and raisins added to the mix, as well. The muffins bake up in just a few minutes and you’re left with gooey, sticky, easy to pull apart treats.

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