Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters

Ninjabread Men
When regular gingerbread men become a little too cutsey and cliche for your holiday baking, it is time to upgrade to Ninjabread Men. These adorable – by which, of course, I mean tough and masculine – Ninjabread Men Cookie Cutters feature a trio gingerbread men in karate poses. They work just like regular cookie cutters and you can decorate them however you like, but you definitely have the option to have a little bit more fun with your cookies when you add in shapes like these alongside more traditional ones. When the holidays are over, you can still break out the ninjas at other holidays (or perhaps birthdays for any kids in the family/neighborhood) who take martial arts!

The Ninjabread Men are designed by Fred, who has come up with other creative kitchen items like the Cakewich Cake Pan and the ABC Cookie Cutters, which are essentially pre bitten gingerbread men. Come to think of it, if you mix the prebitten gingerbread men with the ninjas, it’ll look like you have quite the holiday battle going on on your holiday cookie plate!


  1. Um. We love these. These are the coolest, toughest gingerbread men ever!

  2. these are the best cookie cutters ever! my nephew would LOVE these!

  3. This made me really happy. Incredible!

  4. my roommate said she read how to make DIY cookie cutters and she wants to make homemade ninjas.

  5. ha! cute!
    little boys and ninjas everyone would love these.
    I can kind of picture little gingerbread men bouncing around and showing off their martial arts moves.

  6. This really look delicious! I wanna try and cook it my own, thanks for the share :)

  7. I don’t usually mess with cookie cutters, but these would be an exception! love love love them.

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