Nestle Tollhouse Dark Chocolate & Mint Morsels, Reviewed

Tollhouse Dark Choc & Mint Morsels
I always like seeing a bag of limited edition chocolate chips pop up on grocer store shelves around the holidays, and seeing Nestle’s seasonal Tollhouse Dark Chocolate & Mint Morsels was no exception. Flavored chips promise a little departure from standard chocolate chips in a form that is just as easy to incorporate into a cake or cookie dough. The problem is that not all of them live up to these expectations, often having artificial flavors that make them taste slightly off. That is not the case with these at all.

The Tollhouse Dark Chocolate & Mint Morsels are a mixture of about 2/3 dark chocolate chips and 1/3 mint chips. It is an incredibly good mix of flavors that can be eaten straight out of the bag or incorporated into a recipe. The mint pieces are creamy and taste strongly of fresh mint on their own. The dark chocolate is smooth, with great cocoa notes, and isn’t too sweet. They balance each other beautifully and their combined flavor is like that of an Andes chocolate after dinner mint. The chips melt well and their flavors hold up after baking. These are definitely tasty (even on their own straight from the bag) and, if you’re a mint fan or just want to do a little mint-infused brownie, cookie or cupcake baking, definitely keep an eye out for these on the baking aisle.


  1. Here’s my thing: I keep seeing pictures with green and brown swirled chocolate chips used but all I can find are what you reviewed, the mixed bags. Did Nestle discontinue the mint swirled chips? They still make the caramel swirl chips, I’ve seen those.

  2. I am on a mission to find these chocolate and mint morsels. Ideas of recipes are starting to flow into my head lol

  3. I found these at Target in the Christmas section, but not at my regular grocery store. The mint is a nice added touch to the standard chocolate chip cookie.

  4. yum these would be great in cookies!

  5. I think these would be great in brownies! But my family wouldn’t eat them because they’re GREEN.

  6. I rarely see the limited edition chips in any of my groceries–maybe they just don’t like to get left with them at the end of the season. I’ll have to check Target for some speciality chips–these sound great.

  7. Jenna, where do you find the caramel swirl chips? I have seen peanut butter (ew) and white chocolate swirled ones, but they don’t seem to make the caramel or mint swirl ones anymore. I miss them deeply.

  8. Just made cookies with them! They are to die for! I am going to pick up a few more bags!

  9. They have the caramel ones at our local Schnuck’s. Mind you, I haven’t bought them so they MAY be last year’s. EW!

  10. I also found these at Target in the Christmas candy area. I haven’t tried them yet but they had them 2 – $4 which is a pretty decent price so I have a couple of bags to play with. Maybe after Christmas they will have them on sale for a really good price for clearance and I can stock up more.

  11. I Love the mint choc.chips in my Pancakes every morning Looked every were , I am having withdrawles please help me find some .

  12. Just to be clear … are the ones at Target the older version where each chip has both chocolate and mint? Or are they the new ones where you get a bag of chocolate chips mixed with green mint chips?

  13. I use these to make the BEST mint chocolate chip fudge … mmm!

  14. cannot find the chocolate chip with mint anywhere in my area, just andes candies chunks–i really want to make the bark and hope to be able to find them somewhere

  15. I live in Houston Texas and have looked high and low for the Dark Chocolate & Mint Morsels-wehre can I find them??? I want to make the Magic Mint Chocolate Bark but can’t make it without them!

  16. How can I get some of the dark choc and mint morsels now ?

  17. I made the mistake of making chocolate chip cookies with these and bringing them to my workplace. Now I’m required to do so almost weekly. They don’t even last a full shift!

  18. These were the best I’ve had in a long time, needless to say they didn’t last very long around my home.

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