Holiday Baking Giveaway!

Holiday Baking Giveaway

I have a couple of great items that have been sitting around my office, just begging for a great giveaway opportunity. In fact, I might have a few giveaways coming up! With the holidays upon us, I couldn’t think of a better time to start than now. This giveaway is for a box of holiday baking goodies from Nestle – including coupons for holiday baking essentials, such as Tollhouse chocolate chips (I have to recommend trying the Dark Chocolate & Mint Chips that I found at the market the other day), as well as some samples of their other products – and a pair of matching Adult and Child aprons that will help keep you clean during your holiday baking.

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment naming your favorite holiday treat to bake and winner will be chosen at random when the contest closes. Be sure to include your e-mail address on the comment form so I can contact you if you win (e-mails will not be viewable on the site). This is a holiday weekend so you have until midnight PST on Sunday, November 28th to enter! Good luck – and great holiday baking!

Update: Contest is now closed! Thanks for entering!


  1. ‘Tis the season to be baking! And I’m so ready for it!

  2. I. Love. Baking.
    My favorite thing at the moment is Joy the Baker’s pumpkin pie pop tarts, but the list goes on and on :)

  3. Christmas themed cookies

  4. I love making traditional Sand tarts in a variety of shapes.

  5. I absolutely love making pecan pie and pretty much any type of cookie!!!

  6. I love to make gingerbread houses!

  7. I have been making pumpkin cookies with homemade cream cheese frosting the last few years. I’am now asked to bring these to all of the Fall get togethers! They simply melt in your mouth. So darn good!

  8. Pumpkin Cheesecake with gingersnap crust & cinnamon whipped cream…in the oven right now, mmmmmmmm

  9. I love to make English Toffee!

  10. Gluten-free Chocolate Peanut Butter Surprise Cookies! (Chocolate cookie dough wrapped around a sweet peanut butter filling and baked to slightly gooey perfection)
    Or, what I call, Apocalypse Cookies (delicious, but so involved they’re only made on such occasions as the apocalypse).

  11. I love making homemade chocolate truffles — they are so easy, but really delicious and have a great “wow factor” — I love to make them as gifts because they are inexpensive, but don’t look it.

  12. Peanut butter pie!

  13. I love to make cookies! Every year I make cherry and dark chocolate chunk cookies bc my family requests them – they are just a basic chocolate chip cookie base, but with chopped up dark chocolate and dried cherries mixed in. I also love to try new recipes every year, and your somoa cookie recipe has been a recent fav!

  14. It’s funny that you mentioned the dark chocolate and mint chips because I was wondering if they were going to be sold this holiday. I tried them last Christmas, which is my favorite holiday, and they were a hit at the office. My favorite treat to bake are all kinds of cookies (personal favorites are chocolate chip and oatmeal). Happy Holidays!

  15. cherry chocolate biscotti – just a little bite of dessert. Also yeasted bread of any kind.

  16. Homemade apple pie! I’m working on perfecting mine, but it’s getting there….

  17. Sparkling sugar cookies with toffee bits. Yummy!

  18. Oh, the list of things I could put here! I think I will say Buckeyes usually take the top spot, but if I start listing others I’ll never stop!

  19. My family always makes gingerbread houses after Christmas, and we have a party to eat them. It’s so much fun!

  20. i make all kinds of candy, truffles and cookies for christmas. but recently my biggest hit is a mincemeat and pumpkin bar cookie!

  21. Coconut Cake…….. something about them just reminds me of a snowy night. Makes me want a piece of cake and some hot chocolate next to the fire with my favorite person, my husband.

  22. My mom’s caramel walnut brickle. Nom. Most delectable treat in the world!

  23. What a great giveaway! I love making lefse, a Scandinavian potato flatbread, at Christmas. It reminds me of my Scandinavian-American family in snowy Minnesota!

  24. I love to make christmas bark with my mom :)

  25. Oh man, cookie day in my family is coming soon!

  26. Hands down my favorite holiday treat are buckeys. I know they are not baked but they do use lots of chocolate :)

  27. Butter cookies using a cookie press in the shapes of Christmas trees and poinsettias!

  28. I LOVE pecan pie. And have to eat it at some point in the holiday season to keep happy.

    Because I’m sort of intimidated by baking pie on my own, I found an awesome pecan pie cupcake recipe! Soooo good!

  29. Christopher Stephens

    Rugelach (with cinnamon, raisins, pecans and cranberry filling).

  30. I love making gingerbread cookies.

  31. I love baking stromboli on Christmas Eve- a tradition at our house. :-)

  32. My favorite holiday treat to make is frosted sugar cookies…it’s a family project every year and I love it!

  33. Christine Bracamontes

    My favorite treat to bake during the holiday season is cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting.

  34. Lady fingers. That’s what my Nana called them, but they were more like Mexican wedding cookies rolled into the shape of a finger. She could make them so fine – they’d crumble when we’d pick them up. Yum.

  35. Red Velvet Cupcakes

  36. I love baking almond cookies. They were my favorite cookies when I was a kid and now my daughter and I bake them. Of course, I practically have to fight her for them.

  37. I love to bake pumpkin bread!

  38. I make mini-loaves of carrot-coconut bread to give to friends every year — even those who are coconut-averse!

  39. I make about 10 different kinds of cookies.. My favorite, jelly thumbprints, to bake and eat!! :)

  40. I like to make peanut butter blossom cookies.

  41. I love to make cranberry orange cookies. I got the recipe from this site years ago- thanks!

  42. I especially love to make truffles AND delicious gluten-free caramel corn AND personalized gingerbread people to give as gifts! I love giving homemade gifts.

  43. I love making any kind of Christmas cookies with my sister. I especially like making gingerbread cookies and making/decorating sugar cookies.

  44. anything pumpkin flavored :)

  45. I would be remiss to not mention my Grandma’s Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are by far the biggest crowd pleaser. And if they were left off the Christmas table, I would have a lot of explaining to do.

  46. I make my grandmother’s apricot bars for my father and every year he gets a tear in his eye when he eats them. He tells me that I made them just as good as his mother once did. Enjoy the season!

  47. We look forward to making cookies and granola for our friends and family during the holidays!

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