Fat Witch Brownies cookbook giveaway!

Fat Witch Brownies Cookbook
I’ve been enjoying my copy of Fat Witch Brownies, the cookbook from Fat Witch Bakery in New York, and wanted to take the opportunity to share it with all of you readers by giving away a copy! I wish I could say that I had one for everyone, but I have just one copy to give away to one lucky reader. To enter the contest, just leave a comment with your favorite brownie flavor – whether it is a classic brownie, cheesecake brownie or an over the top blondie with all kinds of goodies mixed in – below. The winner will be chosen at random on Sunday at midnight (10/3/2010), so make sure to leave a comment – and maybe bake a batch of your favorite brownies – by then!

Here are a few mouthwatering brownie recipes to get you started:


  1. Brownies with mint… mmmm

  2. I’m a fan of the classic brownie. Easy to make and absolutely delicious. I need this book!

  3. forgot to mention – Favorite is Pumpkin Cheesecake brownie!

  4. I love pumpkin chocolate brownies and nutella blondies YUM!!

  5. I like mine plain and simple, no nuts, chips, or add-ins. I have to say that the Baked brownie is my all time fav.

  6. I like my brownies plain and simple – no nuts, chips or other add-ins.

  7. My mom’s plain chocoalte brownie’s are the best. It’s the recipe from the Baker’s chocolate label but I have yet to taste anythign that rivals them. The only way to improve them is to have ice cream on top!

  8. Classic all the way. I’d call it chocolate chunk.

  9. not sure if they’re my favorite (after all, I haven’t tried them ALL), but I sure do like peanut butter brownies.

  10. If you have ever enjoyed a Compost Cookie from Momofuku Dessert Bar in NY – just imagine all those yummy ingredients in a brownie. I might have to give that one a try!

  11. MMMM! I love brownies. My favorite is called Tuxcedo Brownies. They are brownie bites with a white chocolate cream cheese topping, then topped with a strawberry slice. They are sooooo gooood! Emily

  12. I love just a plain chocolate brownie

  13. I like your recipe for the perfect fudgy brownies using the ice bath method. it ensures that my brownie turns out to be the perfect balance between cakey and fudgy. To add variety, I sometimes stir in cashew nuts and sprinkle some on top before baking.

  14. I’m a plain brownie kind of girl. The more chocolate the better!

  15. Cakey chocolate brownies with chocolate chips. Mmm!

  16. Favourite brownie flavour? Definitly the original classic brownie, dense and fudgy, with that shiny top that all the good brownies get when they bake. =]

  17. I love caramel cakey brownies!

  18. Thick, fudgy brownies are the best!

  19. I love the traditional dark chocolate brownies with the cheesecake mixed in. Heavenly!

  20. I like almost any kind of brownie, but my favorites are basic and cream cheese. YUMMO!

  21. I guess I usually have regular brownies but I remember the Helms Bakery truck with brownies with big fat nuts and chocolate frosting. Some of those you listed are really tempting!

  22. I love cheesecake brownies, but really any type of super moist fudgy type brownie or blondie floats my boat. :)

  23. Brownies are one of my favorite desserts. Served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream…yum!

  24. Oreo brownies—–the best of my two favorite cookies!

  25. I love brownies, especially Dulce de Leche Brownies .

  26. i love s’mores brownies!

  27. Peanut butter brownies because i love anything with chocolate and peanut butter.

  28. German chocolate brownies!

  29. I’m a fan of some good dark chocolate brownies.

  30. I am currently in culinary school and for one of my baking and theory classes I had to create a unique brownie flavor. I used Peanut butter and Companies “White Chocolate Wonderful” with apricot preserves, Ghiradelli’s white and semi sweet chocolate chips and a standard brownie recipe. It was a huge hit and it’s definitely my new favorite.

  31. I love mint brownies! Although I just found a recipe for white chocolate maple blondies and as soon as I make that I have a strong suspicion it could become number 1!

  32. I like my brownies fudgy and with a side of ice cream :-)

  33. I would so love this book. I love brownies with mint, and brownies with raspberry. Delicious.

  34. I am not super crazy about brownies but they seem to be something I make that everyone goes crazy over. I usually do just plain brownies, but they are fudgey, not cakey. Peanut butter is always a great addition too.

  35. I love cream cheese swirl brownies.

  36. I love cheesecake brownies. Two of my favorite things together. Mmmm.

  37. I have to try these!

  38. i love brownies with white chocolate chunks and pecans in them. Drizzled witih caramel :)

  39. mmm brownies mmmmm

  40. Caramel for sure although I’d happily take any brownie offered :)

  41. I love the cheesecake brownie, but my all time favorite is the classic brownie.

  42. My absolute favorite is a chocolate brownie, made with really good chocolate and just a few other simple, high-quality ingredients!

  43. i love me some fudgy brownies

  44. Your chocolate mint brownie sticks and Elise’s Kahlua brownies over at Simply Recipes are my favorites!

  45. Brownies with chocolate chunks and/or peanut butter..yum

  46. peanut butter brownies!!!

  47. i like classic brownies w/ walnuts!

  48. I LOVE brownies that have peanut butter as well!

  49. pumpkin/chocolate swirl brownies!!

  50. Strawberry Upsidedown Brownies. My own concoction and super yummy!!!!

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