Fat Witch Brownies cookbook giveaway!

Fat Witch Brownies Cookbook
I’ve been enjoying my copy of Fat Witch Brownies, the cookbook from Fat Witch Bakery in New York, and wanted to take the opportunity to share it with all of you readers by giving away a copy! I wish I could say that I had one for everyone, but I have just one copy to give away to one lucky reader. To enter the contest, just leave a comment with your favorite brownie flavor – whether it is a classic brownie, cheesecake brownie or an over the top blondie with all kinds of goodies mixed in – below. The winner will be chosen at random on Sunday at midnight (10/3/2010), so make sure to leave a comment – and maybe bake a batch of your favorite brownies – by then!

Here are a few mouthwatering brownie recipes to get you started:


  1. While you can’t go wrong with a dense, fudgy brownie, coconut butterscotch brownies wins out for nostalgia reasons. My grandmother could make a batch of those blindfolded!

  2. Snickerdoodle blondies. =o] Yum.

  3. We have a recipe in my family that’s for Triple Chocolate Brownies: dark chocolate brownies with mini chips and chocolate ganache on top! I like it all chocolate, but the boys in my family like peanut butter chips and ganache instead!

  4. German Brownies!! i love it!!

  5. S’mores brownies have to be the best!

  6. My favorite is a chocolate raspberry brownie. Or a chocolate raspberry cheesecake brownie. MMmmmmm.

  7. My favorite brownies are dark chocolate fudge brownies I got from a Southern Living issue called So Good Brownies! Sometimes I add some sweetened coconuts. Always fantastic!

  8. I love any kind of brownie!!

  9. When i am feeling decadent i make a batch of Almond Fudge Buttercrunch Brownies (recipe found in Baking by Flavor). They are dense, fudgy and crunchy from chopped up Heath bars. Delicious!

  10. Fat witch brownies look so… mouthwatering

  11. I love fudgy-type brownies made with chocolate chips.

  12. My favorite are basic chewy fudgy chocolate brownies with pecans added.

  13. Hi, I’ll make the dulce the leche ones, hope I can win, thanks….Gina F

  14. I absolutely adore *dark chocolate raspberry swirl brownies* I think it’s time to start baking!!

  15. Duncan Hines Chewy Fudge Brownie.I have yet to find a from scratch recipe that beats it.

  16. I love dark chocolate brownies.

  17. I love cream cheese chocolate chip brownies. And I love cookbooks!

  18. Chewy, moist brownies with chocolate chips :)

  19. I like really dense, fudgy brownies. Tried them once with butterscotch chips thrown in – super yummy.

  20. Nigella’s recipe for dense, fudgy chocolate brownies has to be my favorite. They are sooooo yummy!

  21. Coffee brownies with mocha frosting…..now tell me THAT isn’t delicious?!

  22. Awesome giveaway! Besides ice cream, brownies are my favorite!

  23. Grace deshaw-wilner

    Raspberry truffle brownies…

  24. I love lots of walnuts in my classic brownies!

  25. My all time favorite is a milk chocolate brownie, no frosting, no nuts or other add=ins.

    nblexp at gmail dot com

  26. Pumpkin Brownies!! Love ‘em!!!

  27. Mmmm, blondies made with melted butter and brown sugar, studded with bittersweet chocolate chunks and toasted pecans.

  28. Any kind of brownie makes me happy!! :)

  29. I’m all about super dense dark chocolate brownies with an almond butter swirl, and toasted almonds on top.

  30. Brownies….period! Chocolate Chips, Pecans, Walnuts, Dark Chocolate, Blondies, Butterscotch…you name it…I like ‘em! As long as their brownies.

  31. I have to say my favorite is a classic chocolate brownie but a very close second is peanut butter!

  32. Fudgey Caramel Swirl Brownies are the best!

  33. I never met a brownie I didn’t like!!

  34. You can’t go wrong with a blondie!

  35. I love peppermint patty brownies. :-)

  36. I love a classic brownie – those snickerdoodle blondies look quite delish though!

  37. Really dark, dense, almost undercooked brownies are the best!!!

  38. Double chocolate or blondies! Totally making some this weekend.

  39. My very favorite are cream cheese brownies – yum!

  40. Peanut Butter brownies! Yumm!!

  41. I baked brownies today – which is how I came across your blog. Butterscotch base with choc chips, marshmallows and nuts – we call them Congo Bars, but they are still brownies to me.

  42. i love a fudgy brownie with chocolate chips

  43. I love slightly fudgy chocolate brownies with a hint of cinnamon and espresso in the batter, and a nice mocha glaze.

  44. Smores brownies!

  45. Cheesecake!!!

  46. i love brownies with chocolate chunks mixed in!

  47. Plain chewy chocolate!

  48. Mmmm, just a plain dark chocolate brownie for me.

  49. Mmmmm….dense soft moist brownies with gooey dark chocolate chunks…with ice cream and hot fudge of course!

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