Fat Witch Brownies cookbook giveaway!

Fat Witch Brownies Cookbook
I’ve been enjoying my copy of Fat Witch Brownies, the cookbook from Fat Witch Bakery in New York, and wanted to take the opportunity to share it with all of you readers by giving away a copy! I wish I could say that I had one for everyone, but I have just one copy to give away to one lucky reader. To enter the contest, just leave a comment with your favorite brownie flavor – whether it is a classic brownie, cheesecake brownie or an over the top blondie with all kinds of goodies mixed in – below. The winner will be chosen at random on Sunday at midnight (10/3/2010), so make sure to leave a comment – and maybe bake a batch of your favorite brownies – by then!

Here are a few mouthwatering brownie recipes to get you started:


  1. A classic, chocolate fudgy brownie with walnuts. Nothing compares then them fresh out of the oven! The house smells incredible and you have to tell the kids if they eat them while they are hot they will get a tummy ache! You tell them this to ensure that there will be one left for you. ;) Just brings me back to when I was a kid my mom wouldnt let us cook when she wasnt home. So my sister, brother and I went against the rules. When they were just fresh out of the oven we realized our mistake. Mom would be home shortly and we had 2 batches of brownies eat to get rid of the evidence. Lets just say that we learned our lesson the hard way. 2 batches of hot brownies + 3 kids = belly aches for days!

  2. Dark chocolate all the way!

  3. My favorite brownie is a raspberry dark chocolate brownie, just made it yesterday, soooo good, needs to be fudgy and dense, no cakey brownies for me!

  4. Chewy Chocolate with walnuts….mmmmmmmm!

  5. I love cheesecake brownies.

  6. I’m a sucker for any brownies with caramel or pumpkin (especially the pumpkin this time of year!)

  7. My absolute favorite brownie has a layer of caramel sauce between 2 layers of brownie. My high school english teacher gave us the recipe and I have been making them for more than a decade

  8. Bourbon brownies would be something good I bet. I dont really know what my favorite brownie is maybe white chocolate macadamia nut brownies. Or just a plain chocolate brownie with frosting.

  9. Can’t do cakey brownies, but all others are awesome.

  10. your site is the best! i love it!

    cream cheese brownies!!!

  11. Rockyroad Fudge Brownies!

  12. i do love “normal” fudge brownies, but I have to go with coconut chocolate chip blondies as my favorite ever.

  13. I love the classic. Dark, dense and decadent…yum!

  14. I love plain brownies!!

  15. My favorite brownie is a super fudgy with that little bit of a crunchy top. No cakey brownies for me either. The blondies from the Bakers Field Guide to Chocolate Chip cookies are ALMOST, but not quite enough to make me a blondie convert.

  16. Without question, Dark chocolate. A close second is some that my boyfriend and I put leftover peanut butter fudge chunks in once. Very good!

  17. A nice rich chocolate hazelnut brownie… mmm…. either hazelnut liquer if available for the flavour if not hazelnut flavour will do nicely too :) Or even using some hazelnut flour instead of all purpose…

  18. As a German international student in England, I have to say I like the German chocolate version

  19. mmm, i love good old basic brownies!

  20. I love a chewy dark chocolate rich as can be brownie. Walnuts or pecans are welcome.

  21. i love cheesecake brownies. I also like your snickerdoodle blondies, but my daughter prefers them with chocolate chips.

  22. I love chocolate raspberry brownies with chunks of chocolate and chocolate chips in them. I bake them in little fluted papers and drizzle them with homemade raspberry jam before baking. Raspberries and chocolate – who could ask for more?

  23. Hmm, How can I pick just one?! I love them all but especially mint. And I’m a sucker for the batter!

  24. Classic brownies with chocolate chips are my favorite. Thanks for sharing this great cookbook find!

  25. Dark chocolate brownies!

  26. Dark Chocolate with toasted walnuts. The fudgy kind with the flaky top. No frosting, no powdered sugar, just the brownie. Preferably served warm over vanilla ice cream with homemade caramel sauce, thank you very much!



  27. Turtle brownie with caramel and pecans Mmmmm

  28. Chocolate, with chocolate chips, and made with wheat flour to give it some extra texture. Mmmmm….

  29. I don’t think that I have had a brownie that I didn’t like. A tasty one that comes to mind is dark chocolate with salted caramel and marshmallows.

  30. I just love cream cheese brownies with a fantastic chocolate frosting. Today I made the for my husband Dennis for our 39th ANNIVERSARY!!!!! I just love anything chocolate!!! The richer the better. I just love yiur website. even someone @ 59 can learn new things!!! Thanks for all the recipes, recipe books and new places to order from. Baking Bites is the greatest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. Peanut butter brownie with chocolate frosting.
    It was a school lunch dessert!

  32. Blondies with butterscotch chips!

  33. Mint brownies!

  34. Molly Cartwright

    Brownies with caramel drizzled on top!

  35. Dark chocolate brownies, but I’m really not picky!

  36. brownie batter!!!!!

  37. How can one pick only one favorite brownie flavour?? Still, if I have to, the brownie I crave the most right now is a fudgey dark chocolate brownie with cloud berries and a dusting of home made vanilla icing sugar. Perfect for fall!

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