Pearl/Dragee Tweezers

Pearl/Dragee Tweezers

Every time I’ve talked to someone who does a lot of food styling or food photography, they tell me that one of their most important tools is a pair of tweezers. Tweezers allow them to tweak the tiniest details of a piece without running the risk of accidentally poking a finger into a pile of perfect frosting when trying to move a single sprinkle. I’ve used them before for styling, but really almost never need that level of food styling detail when photographing for Baking Bites. Where I sometimes do need a little help is when it comes to simply placing decorations on top of a cake or frosted cookie. Those pesky dragee balls, and similar round decorations, tend to roll into places I didn’t want to put them – and I have accidentally stuck a finger into icing more than once trying to push them into place.

This is where some tweezers come in handy, specifically Pearl/Dragee Tweezers that are designed to help you improve your decorating skills. The tweezers have little flared grips at the end that are perfect for grabbing onto small, round sprinkles. You don’t have to have quite as good aim to get a good grip as with regular tweezers. They’re a great tool for the collection if you do a fair bit of cake or cookie decorating where you want to be as precise as possible to perfect your presentation. And they’ll always work out well for a bit of food styling, too, for bloggers who want another tool to help them out in the kitchen!


  1. this would be really helpful near the holidays when i put dragees on snowflakes and christmas trees :)

  2. **cookies, that is :!

  3. where did you get them?

  4. Oooh. WANT. What a cool little gadget (that is small enough that I wouldn’t get in trouble for bringing home–extra bonus points)!

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