Some inspiration for Threadcakes!

Threadcakes 2010 entry
We’re about halfway through the Threadcakes 2010 contest, a cake decorating contest where entrants design fantastic cakes based on the creative t-shirt designs from Threadless. There are some great prizes to be won if you enter by August 16th, but coming up with the cake design is even more exciting as it lets you get very creative in the kitchen!

There are some great entries up in the contest gallery so far, and I couldn’t resist showcasing a few of them for inspiration. You can do a sculptural entry or a more traditional cake shape decorated with the design of your choice. Brightly colored fondant is featured in many of the entries, as it gives you a lot of decorating flexibility and allows you cake more stability than a layer of frosting alone would. My ulterior motive for promoting the contest is so that I have a chance to see your creative creations, as I’m one of the judges this year, along with Jen from Cake Wrecks, Louise from Cake Journal, Jennifer from Bake or Break and Mary Alice from Charm City Cakes/Ace of Cakes.

Feel free to cheat a little bit and use a box cake mix to start off your cake, since this contest is judged on looks alone. That said, if your from-scratch cake tastes great and you want to mail out a sample, well, I wouldn’t be opposed to that, either!

Threadcakes 2010 entry

Threadcakes 2010 entry


  1. !!
    Zombie Food – that’s MEEEE!!
    Woohoo! I’m glad I stopped by your blog today to see this!!

  2. oh my goshh! these are SO cute!

  3. Bah! I’m having a terrible time deciding which t-shirt to copy…I’d better decide soon or I’m going to run out of time! :) These cakes are adorable…

  4. Awesome! The “Shh…” cake is mine. Thanks for putting it on your blog! The threadcakes competition is so much fun and all the cakes look really good so far. I’m excited to see more cakes!

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