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Moist Apple Spice Bread

Posted By Nicole On April 19, 2010 @ 2:01 pm In Breads - Quick Breads,Recipes | 18 Comments

Moist Apple Spice Bread

Some quickbreads are very moist and dense, while others are a little bit dry and very bread-like. This moist Apple Spice Bread falls into the former category. The bread is ultra-moist and is packed with two cups of shredded apple, from two whole apples! All that fruit makes it a little bit dense, but the bread is tender and flavorful, so that is not a bad thing in this case.

When you go to shred the apples for this bread, use a large grater that allows for wide shreds. If you use a very fine grater, you’re likely to end up with applesauce instead of shredded apple. I shred my apples whole, leaving all the peel on. As you shred, don’t worry if the apple discolors into a light brown color as it is exposed to air. While you can try and counteract this by adding lemon juice to the apple, the color actually contributes to the lovely color of the finished quickbread (plus it’s difficult to manage the color of so much shredded apple without using a whole lot of lemon juice and we don’t want to add any extra moisture to this bread!).

I included several spices in this loaf, as well as pecans for a nice crunch and a textural break from that moist, apply goodness. The spices I used are cinnamon, cardamom, allspice and cloves. I didn’t go overboard on the spicing so that you can really taste the apple in every bite, but feel free to spice it up and add more of your favorites for a spicier take on this bread, or if you’re looking to give it a more warming feel on a cold day.

Moist Apple Spice Bread
2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 cup sugar
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp ground cardamom
1/2 tsp ground allspice
1/4 tsp ground cloves
1/3 cup butter, melted and cooled
2 large eggs
1 1/4 cups milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 cups shredded apples (about 2 apples)
3/4 cup toasted pecans, chopped

Preheat oven to 350F. Grease and flour a 9×5-inch loaf pan.
In a large bowl, whisk together flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and spices.
In a medium bowl, whisk together melted butter, eggs, milk and vanilla. Pour into flour mixture and stir until partially combined. Add in shredded apples and pecans and continue to mix until all ingredients are well-combined and no streaks of flour remain. Pour into prepared pan.
Bake for about 70-75 minutes, or until bread is golden brown and a toothpick inserted into the center comes out with only a few moist crumbs attached.
Cool in the pan for 5 minutes, then turn loaf out onto a wire rack to cool completely. Store in an airtight container when cool; the bread will keep well for several days.

Makes 1 loaf.

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