Homemade Cookie Stamper

Homemade Cookie Stamper

Are your homemade cookies often mistaken for bakery cookies, either because they are so delicious or you get them to come out perfectly shaped and baked every time? If you’re sick of people doubting the authenticity of your homemade creations – or doubting your ability as a baker because they don’t know about your food blogger alter-ego – there is a simple product out there that can help: the Homemade Cookie Stamper. This brilliant stamp from SuckUK isn’t for ink pads, it’s for food. Use it to stamp the words “Home Made” onto a batch of cookies or other baked goods. It works especially well in peanut butter cookies, butter cookies, shortbread and other doughs that don’t spread too much because you’ll get the neatest imprint that way, but you can use it with just about anything that is soft enough to take the imprint.

Homemade Cookie Stamper


  1. This is so ironic! Now they look more mass produced than ever!

  2. Haha, I doubt that I’ll ever have that problem, but it’s a cute idea nonetheless!

  3. That is such a cute idea!. That would be great for parties and weddings.

  4. That’s cute. But I thought you were going to tell us how to make a cookie stamper :) I have to say my baked goods never get mistaken for store bought, ehem.

  5. when I saw this cake, I seem to want to bite the monitor in front of me (^_^)

  6. cake pictures I saw really made my appetite increases

  7. this is so delicious!My mom makes wonderful cakes and she too likes it

  8. that is darling! i think i would also dip it into food coloring and use it like a regular rubber stamp on my food.

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