Hershey’s Kisses with Macadamia Nuts, reviewed

Hershey’s Kisses with Macadamia Nuts,

One of my favorite things about Hawaii is the prevalence of macadamia nuts in so many food items. They’re in pancakes, cookies and breads, crusted onto perfectly cooked fish, and dipped in chocolate and packed into boxes for tourists to take home. Macadamia nut production is a big industry for Hawaii, and anyone visiting will benefit by finding the tasty, buttery nut in so many things. For instance, I spotted this bag of Hershey’s Kisses with Macadamia Nuts while I was on my way to the airport after my recent trip to Kauai. Unlike other chocolate-macadamia candies, these caught my eye because I had never seen the nuts in Hershey’s kisses before – was it a new item? or a limited edition product?

It turns out that these little kisses are only sold in Hawaii. Hershey’s bought Mauna Loa, a company that produces macadamia nuts on the big island, a few years ago and put out this regional kiss flavor soon afterward. Each milk chocolate kiss has about half of a macadamia nut inside. Some were a bit bigger than others, but none were small. The nuts were crisp, buttery and a great match for the chocolate. I haven’t had too many kisses lately, but if I had access to these year round, that just might change because they were so good.

As far as souveniers go, these also make a great take-home treat because you get so many candies in one package, and they cost a bit less (at least at the stores I was in) than the macadamia nut candies that were packed up just for tourists. The cashier who rang up my purchase asked if I had had these before. When I said no, she warned that I wouldn’t go back to regular kisses afterwards. I might have to, given the distance between me and a ready supply of these, but it will definitely be something I pick up earlier on my next trip to Hawaii so I can enjoy them while I’m on vacation, too.


  1. Why are companies so foolish as to only sell something like this in one location? I think there are tons of nut fans out there that would “go nuts” (pun intended) for these. Shame on Hershey for keeping these from us!

  2. My friend brought some back for me last time she was in Hawaii. I refused to share them because they were so good. Hershey should so bring them over to the East Coast.

  3. There’s something kind of nice about a favorite food item that you can only get while on vacation in a certain area – just one aspect of vacation that you can look forward to! These kisses sound delicious.

  4. My co-worker brought these back from Hawaii for the whole office. I definitely ate more than my fair share! I wish Hershey would bring these to the Mainland!

  5. LOVE these!!! I wishI could buy them anywhere but in Hawaii… but I suppose there are worse places to go! ;-)

  6. So bummed that I didn’t see these! Just returned from Oahu yesterday and was so busy helping my son move(from Hawaii) that I didn’t have time to visit the macadamia nut farm and buy my favorite cinnamon variety! :(

  7. One more reason to be jealous of folks living in Hawaii! LOL These look so delicious.

  8. I love trying all the newest Hershey Kisses. Why don’t they have those in the non-island states? ;)

  9. My two favorite food groups, chocolate and macadamia nuts, and I can’t get them here. The heart breaks.

  10. Okay, I’m off to book my trip now. I’d been thinking about it, but if they have special Kisses in Hawaii then we just have to go.

  11. I live near Hershey so it’s nice to try the “new” limited edition products from time to time. I remember a number of years ago when I was pregnant they had Macadamia nut Nuggets (those little blocks of chocolate) – they were AMAZING!!!

  12. I want some. I wish they were available here.

  13. Mauna Loa, now I know what happened to those chocolates they use to sell at sam’s club during the holidays.

    My grandmother went to Hawaii in 1991? or so and she still talks about the macadamia nuts and pineapple she had. I use to pick up a few bags of their caramel macadamia clusters for her every year.

    I wonder if I can order these for her *investigates*

  14. I, too, discovered these in Hawaii and promptly brought back a bag for everyone on my souvenir list. Just this past month I was in Hershey, PA and discovered that the Hershey chocolate factory also sells these.

  15. Thanks to you, I knew to keep an eye out for these when I went to Hawaii last week. Found them at the Costco and bought 2 big bags to bring back for homefolks. I also got some mac nuts in dark chocolate and caramacs but I actually like the kisses the best! Thanks Nicole!

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