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Wilton 3D Bunny Pan

Posted By Nicole On March 23, 2010 @ 11:56 am In Gear and Gadgets,Holidays | 10 Comments

Wilton 3D Bunny Pan

Easter eggs are usually the centerpiece of an Easter celebration, as they are bright, colorful and fun to make. The same can be said about a cake made with the Wilton 3D Bunny Pan. This pan bakes a three dimensional bunny-shaped cake that sits upright on a cake stand. It is a great centerpiece for an Easter meal because, unlike the eggs, it really stands out (and up!). You can also eat the cake after it has been on display for a bit – something that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you do with Easter eggs that have been sitting out for a while!

This cake pan is made of aluminum and comes with two halves. Batter is poured into the lower half of the pan, then the top piece is locked into place on top. While in the oven, the cake will rise up and fill out both sides of the bunny, so there is no need to try to glue bunny halves together with frosting to make this cake stand up (although you can use the pans separately and try this method if you prefer. The pan is not nonstick, but the design is smooth with no narrow cracks for batter to stick in, so you can grease and flour the pan and expect your bunny to pop out easily. Once it’s done, you can decorate your bunny as you wish with frosting and brightly colored candies.

Update: For a recipe a results, check out How to Make an Easter Bunny Cake!

Wilton 3D Bunny Pan

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