Giant Donut Cake Pan

Giant Donut Cake Pan

I couldn’t help by smile when I spotted this Giant Donut Cake Pan at Williams-Sonoma over the weekend. I probably would have had an even bigger smile on my face if they had had a fully-baked donut cake out on display! The cake pan set includes two round pans that each make half of the donut. After baking the halves are stacked together, then you can glaze them like your favorite type of donut! Each of the donut pan halves – which are essentially ring pans and can be used for recipes that call for a ring pan when you’re not baking donuts – has a capacity of 5 cups, which is about the same capacity as an 8-inch round cake pan. The set includes a recipe with it, but you will be able to adapt other cake recipes that would otherwise make an 8-inch layer cake to this pan very easily.

When making a cake that sandwiches two separated layers into one big cake, I would recommend leveling out the edge where the two cakes meet. Even if your cakes look very even, you’ll get a much neater finished product if you trim a bit off to blend the edges.


  1. This is wonderful!!! I’ve been wanting doughnuts for the past couple of weeks and this is just perfect. The cake looks so good, I’m thinking of an excuse to get this..

  2. How fun! My kids would get a big kick out of this.

  3. I bought this pan a couple of weeks ago and it is great. I made the recipe on the box as my first attempt. Easy and super cute. I posted pictures of it yesterday on my blog.

  4. This is pretty amazing… going on my wish list immediately! :-)

  5. Wow, that looks amazing and is so cute! My hubby is a big doughnut fan so he would love one of these :)

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