The Baking Bites Cookbook for Valentine’s Day

Baking Bites Cookbook -for Valentine’s Day!

The sweetest gift you can give your loved one is the pleasure of your company, perhaps over a big carafe of coffee, a glass of fresh orange juice and a big breakfast that you enjoy together while reading the paper on a quiet morning. Or a plate of homemade baked goods, since the time that you’ll put into them makes them worth a lot more than a box of even the most expensive chocolates. And, naturally, what could go better with some homemade baked goods than a copy of The Baking Bites Cookbook? It makes a great Valentine’s Day gift for the baker in your life – and I’m not going to tell if you crack open the cookbook yourself to make a batch of Jelly Donut Muffins to go with that Valentine’s Day Coffee. If you have kids, get them to help out with the gift preparation (i.e. baking the treats) too and you’ll get even more Valentine’s Day brownie points, and you’ll definitely have one sweet day.

The book is available directly from me via PayPal (free US shipping included and a discount if you buy two copies!) and can also be found on


  1. That sounds like a good book,but am far away from the US with no paypal account :-((((
    BUt yeah have to tag this as a must have…..

  2. Thanks for the post! Excellent written! :)

  3. This sound delicious! I am going to give this a try for this Valentine’s Day.


  4. do you have a recipe index for this book? I’m not a huge chocolate fan so i want to see if there are a ton of choc. recipes.

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