Girl Scout Cookie season kicks off!

Girl Scout Cookie Boxes

This month, Girl Scouts around the US will kick off their annunal cookie sales. Some councils have already started, and some will be gearing up in the next few days. This is a time of year that most cookie-lovers look forward to because it means we can pick up a few boxes of our seasonal favorites. The Girl Scout Cookies are produced by two different bakeries, Little Brownie Bakers and ABC Smart Cookies, so the distribution of the new cookies flavors varies by region and which bakery supplies cookies in your area. Samoas (Caramel de Lites), Thin Mints, Tagalongs (Peanut Butter Patties), Do-Si-Dos (Peanut Butter Sandwich), Trefoils (Shortbread) are available everywhere. Lemon Chalet Cremes, a lemon-filled cookie, and Lemonades, a lemon iced cookie, are back for another season but are available in different regions. Thanks-a-Lot, a chocolate-dipped shortbread cookie and the 100-calorie pack Daisy-Go-Rounds are also back from the ABC Bakery, while the Dulce De Leche shortbread cookies return from Little Brownie Bakers. One new cookie this year is called Thank U Berry Munch, light and crispy cookies with dried cranberries and puffed rice cereal in them. As much as I like the new cookies, I still think back to some of my favorites from years gone by and hope that some of them – like Lemon Coolers, Golden Yangles, Aloha Chips and Juliettes – will make a return!

While I’ll be on the lookout for Girl Scouts to support (and new cookies to try), I’ll also be baking my own at home as I do every year. Homemade Girl Scout Cookie recipes make it easy to have cookies any time of year and, since they tend to cost less than the boxed cookies, where only a percentage goes to the troops, you can donate the savings directly to your favorite group of Girl Scouts (and maybe encourage them to have their own bake sale) to support them.


  1. Already?! I can’t believe it’s that time again. You broke this news for me! And now I have to gear up for a long period of insanity, as I bake for my blog in addition to mu husband bringing home like a case of GS cookies! I-yi-yi….

  2. I’ve already purchased mine from a friend at work – I can’t wait for my somoa’s and tagalongs!

  3. I am pretty sure our GS’s have already sold their cookies a couple months ago. I am in NY state. I didn’t know the sale time varied by region.

  4. yum! personally, im a huge fan of thin mints… not sure why :)

  5. Are they still loaded with partially hydrogenated oils- a deal breaker for me?

  6. when I was a Girl Scout, I could never get anybody to buy Aloha Chips. Do you remember Ole Oles? People hated them too. There was a good apple cinnamon cookie several years back, I forget the name. And I know Thanks-a-Lot as All Abouts.

  7. You mentioned that a portion of the proceeds go to the troops. If not wanting to buy cookies for yourself, you can donate money to Operation Cookie Drop to go straight to a military base near you; then overseas to a unit in the field.

  8. Laufa – That is a great idea. I have to say, however, that when I mentioned the money going to the “troops” I meant the Girl Scout Troops! I think your suggestion for reaching out to the real troops overseas is a great one.

  9. Many Girl Scout councils organize a program where customers can buy cookies to be sent to US troops over seas. It may even be national by now, they’ve been doing it in our area for many years already.

  10. Do cookie prices vary from state to state. I’m in Missouri and they are $3.50 per box. A couple of months ago I bought from someone in Illinois and I paid $4.00 per box. Was I ripped off, or is this info correct?? I have a bet on this.

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