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Great Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich Ideas

Posted By Nicole On November 27, 2009 @ 3:00 pm In Holidays,Savory Stuff | 9 Comments

While I like heating up a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers and having a holiday dinner all over again, what I really like to do with leftover turkey is make sandwiches. The breasts are usually so large that you get perfect slices of meat – meaning that they’re quite big – for sandwiches and don’t need to spend too much time piecing together little bits of turkey meat (as sometimes happens with leftovers from a small roast chicken).

You can put anything on a sandwich, but there are a couple of types that I always fall back on with leftovers. The first is a Turkey and Stuffing Sandwich, with a good amount of cranberry sauce spread in between to keep things moist. There is no recipe for this one, just a joining of all the ingredients you have tucked in tupperware in your fridge – with a bit of mayo, salt and pepper. This is a great sandwich to have hot or cold.

The second is a Turkey, Cranberry and Brie Panini (above,before being pressed). Creamy brie is a great match for tangy cranberries, and the brie melts fabulously, bringing all the elements of this sandwich together in slightly gooey harmony. If I have a lot of cranberry sauce, I’ll make some bbq sauce with it and enjoy some Turkey Sandwiches with Cranberry Barbecue Sauce. I’ll actually keep the sauce around for a while, too, and use it with other dishes when the leftovers are done.

Finally, my last fall back is for Mini Turkey Sandwiches, made using whatever type of bread or roll you seved with Thanksgiving dinner. I make bite-sized sandwiches on cornbread, dinner rolls and biscuits and much through a few. This is also a great option if you still have family around and want to serve a snack, but no one is up for a full meal.

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