Food photos from the GM photo studio

General Mills Photography Studios

You can see food photos from the General Mills photo studio on any General Mills product or on any of their recipe websites. The photographers go for realism when shooting all of their food products. Once in a while, they’re allowed to have a little fun, too. The hallway of their studio is lined with amazing food photos where food is used in a more creative way. Using General Mills products, these photos showcase a food that is so far outside of it’s normal context, it’s almost difficult to guess what it is – and the kicker is that the foods look completely natural in their new environments. Take a guess as to what foods are featured in each of the following photos. Scroll down slowly so that you don’t see the answers too quickly!

Mystery photo 3

Mystery photo 1

Mystery photo 2

Photo 1: Cheerios

Photo 2: Fruit Roll Ups

Photo 3: Chex mix


  1. cute! i like the cheerio one

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    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

  3. Lovely pictures!! I’m soo jealous!

  4. That’s adorable (especially the Chex Mix one)! I wonder if I could start a new Cheerio-nose-ring fad?

  5. Great photos. Must have been so much fun to see this in person.

  6. I love these photos–especially the nose ring!

  7. Too funny. I guessed two out of three so I guess that isn’t bad. (Granted, they were the easiest.)

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