What are white peaches?

White Peach Slices

White peaches are my favorite type of peaches to eat plain, so I often stock my kitchen up with them when they are in season. This means that white peaches make it into my desserts and baked goods more often than standard yellow peaches do. The two fruits are absolutely interchangeable in recipes, but there are a few flavor differences between white and yellow peaches that are worth noting.

White peaches tend to have paler skin than their yellow cousins, but have the same blush, softness and overall look as a standard peach. The real difference is that they have a white or champagne-colored flesh that is a clear departure from just about any yellow shade. They look beautiful sliced, as the white contrasts nicely with their reddish center (the same red center around the pit as in a standard peach). These peaches were not commercially cultivated in substantial numbers until the 1980s because they were considered to be more delicate than yellow peaches and had a much shorter growing season, meaning that they were not usually as profitable for farmers. These days, selective breeding has made white peaches a bit more resilient and has given them a longer season, so they are showing up more and more in regular markets.

In addition to the color, there is a distinct difference between white and yellow peaches. White peaches have a soft peach flavor, but are much more floral tasting.  This translates to a delicacy in their flavor that isn’t quite there in a yellow peach, and I think that they taste a lot sweeter for it. These subtle flavors come out when you eat the peaches on their own, but they will also make it into a cobbler or a pie if you choose to use white peaches for those dishes.


  1. I love white peaches, but lately the ones I choose are mealy and not all that great. Any tips on choosing good ones?


  2. They are so good. What a great pictures of the peaches.

  3. I adore white peaches: they call it over here: nectarines!! Juicy & with a lovely taste!

  4. I love eating white nectarines sliced over some cottage cheese drizzled with Agave nectar and sprinkled with a little cinnamon. It’s soooo delicious!

  5. I love yellow peaches but I’m not too fond of white peaches. Maybe it is just our area, but I find them firmer and less ‘peachy tasting’ than yellow. And yes, often mealy. Personal preference…

  6. I adore white peaches/nectarines; I never buy the yellow ones.

  7. I love white peaches I prefer them over yellow peaches. Same with nectarines.

  8. I love how perfectly this post has described the differences between white and yellow peaches! I agree that white peaches are the best fruit for eating plain. I’ve never actually tried them in recipes, but you’ve given me a few ideas. :)

  9. Try them peeled and slices with a little suger and a little whipped cream. Almost as good as a Mackinaw.

  10. angela wallace

    i love whit peaches!! they are sweeter than your standard peach and they actually have an aroma and taste of roses.

  11. There is no comparison between yellow and white peaches.

    White peaches have not the flavor of the yellow peaches.

    A grower confided to me that the only reason white peaches have become so popular is an intense advertising campaign. White peaches ship better because they haven’t ripened and are less susceptible to bruising and over-ripening.
    If you’ve ever tasted a ripe yellow peach just off the tree you’ll never want a white peach.

  12. Anyone know a good organic, safe bug repellant for white peaches? I have the kind of bugs that tunnel into fruit

  13. If you like white peaches, you’ve got to try the white peaches from China and Japan.

    These peaches have a soft, extremely juicy flesh. When you bite into them sweet flavorful nectar gushes forth while a pungent peach aroma tantalizes and heightens your taste buds.

    White peaches from Asia, I must say, are an amazing fruit. Too bad we don’t really have any here in the states.

  14. I just tried these from the Asian market. I personally like crispy, hard peaches (almost like apples in texture), and I really loved these white peaches! The flavor is so light and refreshing…better than the yellow peaches.

  15. TexasPeachLover

    I just ate a white peach, and was very suprised in a negative way. It did not taste like a peach or have the texture of one. It was more like an apple, but less sweet. Very hard like an apple, and was solid white, no red center like mentioned above. I have 2 more at home and I am not looking forward to eating them. Not to mention, they were 1.27 per peach, not pound, and they are small. This post must be talking about an Asian peach like the one refernenced in one of the above comments. I prefer Georgia yellow peaches by far, so delicious and juicy.

  16. Margaret Moriarty

    I tried the white peaches too and was really disappointed at their lack of sweetness compared to the yellow peaches. Our yellow peaches here in Texas might be small, but they pack a wallop on sweet flavor!!

  17. I’m 80 and never had a white peach before. man, they are great. Not as juicy as it’s cousin but sweet and very tasty .

  18. I never had a white peach until this year. I have two of these type peach trees in my back yard, left there from the previous owner. I honestly thought there was something wrong with the peaches because I’ve never seen this variety before. So, I tried one and they happened to be dead ripe. I don’t think they are as sweet as a regular peach. It doesn’t have a peach flavor, but, then again, it does. It is a joy to come home from work and go and pick a few to have with the evening meal.

  19. Everything TexasPeachLover and Steve staid are spot on, and my sentiments.

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