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How to make waffle cone bowls

Posted By Nicole On August 27, 2009 @ 7:01 am In How-To's and Tips,Sweet Stuff | 15 Comments

Waffle Bowls

I’ve really been enjoying my new pizzelle maker lately and eating more ice cream than usual as a result of the fact that creamy ice cream is a good match for the crispy waffle cookies in ice cream sandwiches. Since the pizzelles taste like waffle cones, turning them into ice cream cones seems like an obvious option, too. Unfortunately, the pizzelles made with my baker are a little on the small side, and while I did successfully wrap some of them into cones, it wasn’t such an easy task. Instead, I’ve opted to make waffle cone bowls for my ice cream with these pizzelles, which is just as tasty and a lot easier.

The pizzelles are very malleable when they are hot and fresh off the baker. To shape them into a bowl, take out a small bowl of some kind and set it near the machine. A 6-oz pyrex dish is perfect, but any small dish of similar size will work. A wider dish will give you a shallower bowl. Bake the pizzelle as you normally would, take it off the machine and press it down into the bowl, covering the bottom and sides (as much as you can) with the waffle cookie. It only takes a few seconds for the cookie to set up into a nice, crisp bowl shape, in which you can serve ice cream or any other dessert treat.

Shaping a waffle cone bowls

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