Follow the quest to bake the World’s Largest Cupcake

Cupcake-baking equipment

Just last month, the Guinness World Record for Largest Cupcake was set in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a cupcake weighing 150-lbs. The cupcake, while large, was actually not as impressive as you might think. It stood just 12 inches tall and 24 inches wide. It also wasn’t eaten after the record was recorded, although that is usually traditional with record-setting foods, but was instead shipped out to a pig farm to become dinner. Less than a month after being set, the World’s Largest Cupcake record may be broken. The company has set out to bake a truly gigantic cupcake and is Twittering it’s progress through an intense week-long baking process.

They are using a custom 600 gallon cupcake-shaped “pan” (pictured above, right) to bake a ridiculous amount of batter in a gigantic oven. Baking alone will take more than 40 hours! The finished cupcake, if all goes well, will be unveiled on Saturday and judged by Guinness officials. The expected finished weight of the cupcake, with filling and frosting, should be around 7,000-lbs and the cake will stand over 7-ft high. We’ll have to follow the liveblog of the baking until then, but since it needs a forklift to be moved anywhere, it should be a bit more impressive than it’s predecessor, to say the least.


  1. Whoa! Now that is a cupcake!

  2. Twitter link isn’t working.

  3. Thanks, Anonymous. They changed the name of the Twitter page on me! The new link is

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