Spilt Milk Cereal Bowl

Spilt Milk Cereal Bowl

The Spilt Milk Cereal Bowl is one of the cutest takes on a cereal bowl that I’ve seen for a long time. From a practical standpoint, the bowl is deep enough to hold plenty of breakfast, but the real attraction is the clever “splash” detailing of the ceramic that makes it look as through milk is coming right out of the bowl. The effect is pretty good when the bowl is full, as it takes a moment to realize that the white ceramic is not, in fact, actual milk.

The designer for this bowl is Fred, the same design company behind the Peace of Cake cake pan, which bakes cakes into a peace sign shape, and the Light Bites candles, which are birthday candle holders and forks in one. The bowl runs about $14, but is the kind of think that would make a great gift for someone who either loves cereal or has a sense of humor.


  1. This is such a cute idea.

  2. Wow,this looks great. I better buy one for my son.

  3. Those people at FRED…they are geniuses! Genii? I love them!

  4. i love this! i want one :D

  5. Love it!!! Such a cute idea for kids!

  6. I know that this is designed for kids, but I think that there are a lot of adults who would get a kick out of it too. I know that I would anyway. :-)

  7. Nice! I think I gonna buy this for my kids since they are so picky on food and bowl.

  8. So cute! I love interesting dishes you have to think about. Subtle and worth a smile.

  9. Oh my gosh, that is adorable. How creative!

  10. Hahaha this is probably the most useless, as well as the best creation ever!! LOVE it!

  11. Maybe I’m alone here, but 3″ is not deep enough for my cereal requirements! Probably because I like a lot of milk plus sliced bananas…
    It’d be great for kids though!

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