Red, White and Blue Desserts for July 4th

Red, white and blue paper plates and napkins do their part in adding to the festiveness of a 4th of July celebration, but it’s always nice to be a little patriotic with the food, too. Barbecue, whether you’re making ribs, burgers or hot dogs, is a good place to start. You can infuse a little more color into the meal when you come around to dessert.

Red and white are easy colors to infuse into dessert, with fresh berries, ice cream and whipped cream. blue is a little tougher. Gelatin is almost a staple for blue desserts, since it is one of the few foods that is easy to find in a true blue color. Jigglers are fun to make – especially if you have kids – but otherwise just go with a color close to “true blue” or keep your food coloring handy. Here are some bright red, white and blue dessert ideas to finish off your 4th of July feast as you wait for the fireworks to start.

If you need to serve a really big crowd, a Cupcake Flag (pictured above) is a great option. You can make it as big as you need to, whether you’re going to serve 36 cupcakes or 136. To infuse some extra color into your cupcakes, try making rainbow cupcakes with just red, white and blue layers, then using those cakes as the base for the flag.


  1. Gosh, all of these desserts sound so good, it’s hard to decide what to make. I have to make two desserts… one for my birthday and one for the fourth! Yay!

  2. Oooh red, white, and blue cupcakes sound awesome!! I think I might be making strawberry shortcake for this weekend though!! With blueberries added in maybe!

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