All Star Sports Pan

All Star Sports Pan

I love to watch sports, but I’m not the type of sports fan that goes crazy when “my” team wins. I like it when “my” team wins (if I’m rooting for a particular side), of course, but I’d really just rather see a good game. For the big games, I’d prefer to enjoy them with a crowd to share in the excitement  – and, of course, in the snacks. I’ve made football shaped cakes for Super Bowl parties and decorated sugar cookies with colorful helmets for each team. A shaped cookie cutter can go a long way in coming up with sports-themed treats, especially since it doesn’t take up much room, so it’s a good tool to have on hand. If you’ve got some space, however, this All Star Sports Pan gives you a little more versatility because it bakes one sports themes cake for each of six different sports: football, soccer, basketball, tennis, hockey and baseball.

Each of the balls depicted on this cast aluminum pan has enough detail in the seams to make the balls easily recognizable, so there is no need to slave over the cakes with a piping bag and a lot of colored frosting to try and make a ball design (anyone who has ever tried to pipe out a soccer ball pattern will know how difficult it is).


  1. What a great idea; some of the pans these days are so creative. As a sports guy, I’d definitely pick some up.

  2. Nice pan. All six balls are looks so good. I’ll try for other also.

  3. I am an avid reader of this particular site. I like the new dishes and recipes posted here and I love serving the cookies I’m baking for my kid (which I got the recipe and procedure here). I’m glad this site has evolve in the internet. Thumbs up to this site’s admin.

  4. Your website will have me bankrupt!! Just as I decide no more baking stuff for a while, then I come here and see another cute tin that I have to have!!! You find the coolest gadgets!

  5. My youngest son turns 2 in a couple weeks and we’re having a sports themed birthday party for him. This would be perfect! Where did you buy it? Thanks for this and so many other great ideas you post in your blog :)

  6. These are so awesome? My son will go bonkers over them. Where do we find these? Do you buy them online?

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