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  • My fruity raspberry mojitos were such a success that I want to try making the drinks with other fruits now, too. There are so many berries that go well with mint a lime! Ravenous Couple made up some Strawberry Mojitos for summer recently. The recipe calls for making a big batch of lightly sweetened strawberry puree, so you’ll have it on hand to make big batches of mojitos. Don’t forget to save some berries for garnish!
  • Half Baked Baker‘s Oatmeal Caramelitas are indulgent bar cookies that are a fun twist on an oatmeal cookie. Sort of. The base for the bars is made with lots of rolled oats and oat flour, giving them a nice nutty flavor. The filling is made with caramel, cream, chocolate chips and pecans, which lends sweetness, chewiness, crunchiness and chocolatey-ness to the bars. It’s delicious, and there is just enough of a hint of salt that you can’t stop at eating just one. These are a great choice for bake sales, as the flavors are popular with just about everyone.
  • The Coffee and Donut Cupcakes made by The Noshery combine two of the best sweets out there: donuts and cupcakes. The recipe makes up a batch of coffee flavored cupcakes and tops them with a coffee-flavored buttercream frosting. They’re topped with store-bought mini donuts (donut holes would be great here), and finished with a little more frosting and some sprinkles. It almost looks like a cupcake on top of a cupcake, but tastes a little like a donut dunked in coffee. Great way to start the day!
  • Everyone is always in search of that elusive perfect brownie recipe, but everyone has their own definition of perfect, so it’s hard to narrow things down. If you’re looking for a rich, chocolaty and very moist, Chocolate Mascarpone Brownies might be just the ticket. This batch of these brownies was baked by A Pookie Pantry, who could hardly wait for them to come out of the oven before slicing into them to give them a taste. The brownies have mascarpone cheese, melted chocolate and a lot of cocoa powder for flavor and texture.
  • How could you resist a cake with a name like Edna Lewis’ Busy-Day Cake? Ezra Pound Cake couldn’t – after all, what day isn’t a busy day? The cake is a simple butter cake that can be mixed up by hand. Most of its flavor comes from butter, vanilla and nutmeg, which is a simple and satisfying combination. In fact, this cake needs absolutely no frosting, but a little fruit compote, some berries or some ice cream on the side wouldn’t hurt, either.


  1. Very nice blog, I agree with most of what you are saying here…

  2. Thanks for the link! We totally agree, lime and berries go great together…we’re asked to bring the strawberry mojitos to almost every gathering we go to!

  3. Thanks for the link!! I think that the hint of salt in these caramelitas are what keep you going back for just one more!

  4. Hmmm strawberry mojito! Although some of my mojito loving friends would consider that blasphemy!

  5. Baking from SCRATCH, you need recipes that does not require Cake Mixes and Pillsbury Dough Products. The only crust I use is Mrs. Smith Pie Shells. Everything else is made from SCRATCH.
    Thank you for your HOMEMADE recipes. A few of mine are: Lemon Bars, Cream Cheese Bars, Buttermilk Cake, Hummingbird Cake, Famous Grandma’s Brownies with Icing, Pecan Bars. Pies: Pecan, Egg Custard, Lemon, Coconut, Chocolate, Banana, ETC.
    ALL FROM S-C-R-A-T-C-H!!!
    Appreciate YOUR recipes on this WEBSITE.

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