S-XL Bundt Cake

S-XL Bundt Cake

When I first saw the S-XL Cake Pan, which comes with slices of various sizes already marked out, I thought it was very inventive. I’m equally impressed with the S-XL Bundt Cake Pan, a larger variant of the original pan. There are 15 pre-set slices of varying sizes and shapes, different heights and widths. It’s nonstick, so it should be easy to get the bundt cake out, and the pan is very sturdy so you shouldn’t need to worry about deforming the cake while handling the pan. The silicone cake pan comes from the same designers, Konstantin Slawinski, and measures about the same size as a 9-inch bundt or tube pan. This gives it a capacity of 10 cups, which should work for the vast majority of bundt cake recipes. I wouldn’t bother to frost this particular cake because I wouldn’t want to cover up its novel shape. A thin glaze might be nice finish, and a dusting of powdered sugar or cocoa powder would work well, too.


  1. Is this one of those floppy silicone pans you see at the department stores? My sister had one of those and complained about how difficult they were to get into the oven once full.

  2. That’s pretty neat looking! I think it would be useful for those who need to practice portion control. (like me!)

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