Let’s Eat Earrings and Necklace

Let’s Eat Earrings and Necklace

What are the three most basic tools a foodie should have in the kitchen? My first guess might be a mixing bowl, a frying pan and a whisk, but I think that the answer is even more basic: a fork, a spoon and a knife. On this Let’s Eat Necklace, these three tools are featured in miniature. The sterling silver tools are each 1-inch high, made with quite a lot of detail for something so tiny, and are strung on a 16-inch chain. They’re lightweight, making the necklace easy to wear, and will definitely make quite the impression when you wear it out to eat; nothing says “I love food!” like bringing your own implements!Matching the necklace is the Let’s Eat Earring set. Also in sterling silver, the set includes a total of three earrings. While this is definitely an odd number of earrings for a single set, the idea is that you can mix and match your fork, spoon and knife for variety. Both sets are very cute and would make a great little gift for a foodie for just about any occasion.


  1. you are simply too creative…

  2. I bought a pr. of earrings 10+ years ago, a spoon and a folk. Gold plated with dark brown wooden handle, very cute and antique

  3. Nice, very good, can i buy it i dozen of??? what prices for dozen?

    thx of it.

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