Cupcake Floss

Cupcake FlossWhen I was a kid, I hated to floss I think that most kids do. These days, I no longer have strong feelings about it, but I do it on a regular basis anyway. If only I had known (or maybe if my parents had know) that a product like Cupcake Dental Floss existed, I might have gotten off to a stronger start much earlier in life. The waxed floss comes in vanilla frosting flavor and is sweet enough to keep your mind off the fact that  you’re flossing. You’re left with a sweet, satisfying taste in your mouth – although craving a sweet vanilla cupcake is a potential side effect that the floss can’t guarantee against.

As appealing as the cupcake floss sounds, I have to mention the Breakfast Floss set, as well. It is a trio of flosses, one each in coffee, bacon and waffle flavors. Since they taste just like breakfast, you can floss in the morning before eating without worrying about the usually minty taste of floss interfering with the flavors of the meal. I find that this is especially true for a mint floss/toothpaste-coffee combination, and as a coffee drinker, I’d like to avoid that conflict as much as possible. In fact, I’ll trade away the bacon flavor to someone also getting a set for a second pack of coffee. Any takers?

Thanks for the tip, Emily!


  1. This is SO AWESOME. You have no idea how happy this makes me.

  2. WOW – bacon flavored dental floss. What will they think of next!!!

  3. I NEED this!! How wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!!! :D

  4. That is so funny! I would also like the coffee flavored dental floss. My dentist is always telling me to drink less coffee, though… and I think this would have the opposite effect!

  5. The next idea for dental floss flavor is honeybun floss. That would taste so good.

  6. I so need the bacon floss!!!

  7. I just had to come back and look at this magnificent creation again. This looks wonderful.

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