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Kuhn Rikon Squeezable Decorating Kit

Posted By Nicole On March 6, 2009 @ 7:36 am In Gear and Gadgets | 13 Comments

Kuhn Rikon Squeezable Decorating KitKuhn Rikon’s new Squeezable Decorating Kit looks very cute at first glance. It consists of two tall decorating bottles, three short decorating bottles, five steel decorating tips (round, ribbon, leaf, star and basketweave) and a frosting spatula. It’s a great looking package and most of the equipment really will be useful in the kitchen. While I prefer to use a pastry bag (or a plastic bag) myself, the squeezable decorating bottles do handle pretty well and offer much more control to kids, who don’t usually have the steadiest hands when it comes to piping frosting.

The problem with the kit is the “three short decorating bottles,” which have an accordion-like design. The idea is that it is easy to compress the bottle in the palm of you hand and force out the frosting. I still like my pastry bag, but the problem that I have with these is that they are incredibly difficult to clean. Butter, cream cheese and other bits and pieces of the frosting stick into the accordion ridges and, unless you are extremely carefully (and have a set of pipe cleaner-type brushes), it is very hard to get them all out. If you don’t, you could end up with frosting that takes on the flavor of whatever was in the tube before – or worse, with bits of old, dried frosting flaking off in the newer batch.

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