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Green Apple Nonstick Glass Bakeware, reviewed

Posted By Nicole On February 3, 2009 @ 2:46 pm In Gear and Gadgets,New Products,Product Reviews | 14 Comments

Green Apple Nonstick Glass Bakeware

Glass bakeware from Green Apple isn’t exactly the same as Pyrex bakeware, although the two are both made of glass. Glass bakeware is made of borosilicate glass, a glass that is extremely temperature resistant with a low expansion coefficient. It is most often used for for scientific and laboratory tools, but is also used for lamps and other glassware that might be exposed to high temperatures. Up until 1998, Pyrex was also made from borosilicate glass, but is now made with soda-lime glass, a glass that is already used in the manufacture of many food and beverage products, as well as for windows.

Green Apple Nonstick Glass Bakeware is a line of glass bakeware that is being pitched, not only as non-stick, but as “all natural.” What makes this bakeware nonstick is an “FDA approved NAMI™ coating” that provides a chemical-free, antibacterial surface. The website, unfortunately, doesn’t explain what the coating is made out of. Nevertheless, I wanted to see how it worked compared to my pyrex (mine is older and also borosilicate, as opposed to the newer glass) and whether the nonstick coating worked – and if so, if that made it worth buying.

I picked up a nonstick pie plate. I found that the nonstick surface did work very well and my foods baked evenly (I tried pies and cake/brownie types). The only drawbacks I found were that the pan is not dishwasher safe and the company recommends that you only use soft utensils on the bakeware, as the nonstick surface can scratch easily. While the hand-wash-only thing is annoying, not being able to use metal utensils on the pan is a huge negative for me. I can see “slicing” a cake with a firm, yet soft, silicone tool, but there is no way that you can slice up a double crust pie without using a real knife.

So, the pie plate may not be the best choice for a nonstick pan, but because the nonstick surface seems to work very well, I would definitely consider using other pan shapes for everyday cakes. That said, since my pyrex works just as well and I don’t mind greasing a pan before I use it, I’m not going to run out to replace anything in my kitchen with this line of bakeware just yet.

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